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Quotes, Burning Up the House Edition

Will medicare for all pay for rocket surgery?
-- Portlander, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

Gosh, it's almost like the same right wing capitalists that claim we need a wall are also the same right wing capitalists dependent on undocumented laborers.
-- Jessica Barrington, Facebook, comments

Voted the world's most scenic landing location using a scheduled flight, Barra's airport is claimed to be the only airport in the world to have regular scheduled flights landing on a beach. The aircraft currently in operation on Barra is the de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter, flown by Loganair to/from Glasgow. There are usually flights every day of the week in the summer.
-- from the Wikipedia page for Barra, an island in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland

“When I told one officer who came out to my house that they threatened to send me drugs, he said ‘Okay, well just let me know when the cocaine arrives,'” Holzman recalled. “It was pretty funny because the other responding officer approached us and only caught the last thing his partner said, and suddenly looked at the other officer with deadly seriousness.”
-- Brian Krebs, "Neo-Nazi SWATters Target Dozens of Journalists," Krebs on Security

[W]hen our family met with President Obama, he immediately addressed my 11-year-old daughter and told her that he could tell she was the troublemaker of the family. Not only was he right, but he gave us the ability to continually remind her of this official presidential assessment of her character.
-- look-a-monkey, Balloon Juice, comments

I was halfway through high school when Columbine happened; I started reading more about the drills last year and realized that oh, yeah, the entire generation raised after me has grown up training for what to do if someone wanted to murder them more frequently than I had fire drills. I can't imagine what that does to a person.
-- medrawt, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

I think that’s why this push with Sinclair is so sinister, they know that many elderly white folk still get their news from local coverage. It’s almost like they’re tracking them down and saying “wherever you go we’ll find you and scare the living shit out of you”.
-- ai02h, Twitter

Toronto is closer to the equator than the north pole
-- Catherine Crockett, Facebook, comments [I don't think this is true...?? --?!]

Most countries in Europe can display examples of traditional peasant housing going back to the Middle Ages. This is true of England and, to some extent, southern Scotland. When it comes to the Highlands there are very few buildings of this sort that date from before the early 19th century. ... Before the Clearances, most Highland families lived in such townships, in a kind of collective, or joint-tenancy farm, housing perhaps a hundred or so people, who were often kinsfolk. The buildings were substantial, but used materials alien to us in the western world today. The walls were of clay and wattle, or of thickly cut turf, with or without a leavening of rough stones, and the roofs were thatched in heather, broom, bracken, straw or rushes.

Once they were cleared, these structures quickly reverted to nature. And little or nothing was to replace them in the new economic order. In one glen near where I live, I can find traces of six or seven such townships, housing perhaps 500 or more people. View the landscape today, and you will see a couple of stone-built houses for the shepherds. They too are now abandoned, and the glen stands empty.
-- Ross Noble, "The Cultural Impact of the Highland Clearances,"

It is startling enough to be asked to establish and maintain a school system for the purpose of depopulating a district, but we have little doubt this would be the first effect and the best success of the thorough education of the Hebrides
-- quotation from a contemporary source in the Wikipedia entry for "Highland Potato Famine"

...a few years ago I met a married couple who had met while attending a conservative Christian college and had swallowed it all...they were convinced that all popular music stars had sold their souls (literally) to the Devil to achieve their success. They allowed no possibility that people actually liked the music...they were only successful because of the work of Satan. I'm sure they bought all the old tropes about the music, the evilness of prominent rhythm (drums and bass), the wickedness of electric guitars, etc. Rock-'n'-Roll in their minds came directly from Satan himself.

After engaging them for a few minutes (out of curiosity), I had to back out of the conversation and leave them to their delusions. There was no way they were going to change their minds. When you already know "The Truth", there's no reason to keep your mind open any longer, right...?
-- MikeEss, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

Boys ... are raised to think they’re entitled to whatever they like, as girls emphatically are not.
-- Heather Mallick, "Banning guns: It has to be done," The Toronto Star

As Soviets banned synagogues, it was the imam who opened his mosque for our bar mitzvahs. As Soviets made the bribes Muslims needed to prepare food under halal dietary requirements unsustainable, it was the rabbi who worked with kosher preparation to make it work for Muslims. It was stories like these from elders that convinced me solidarity is possible under any scenario.

But I also learned how quickly those stories began to change. Right-wing Israeli propaganda made me realise the fragility of solidarity. Fuelled by free trips, organised by apps, and ignited with million-dollar Facebook ad campaigns, the children of those elders, who inherit these stories today, have changed the narrative of us fleeing Soviets to us fleeing the very same Muslims we stood with.
-- Rafael Shimunov, "If Israel wants to ban antisemites, it should start by banning antisemites," The Independent

The 2008 crash wiped 13% off global production and 20% off global trade. Global growth became negative – on a scale where anything below +3% is counted as a recession. It produced, in the west, a depression phase longer than in 1929-33, and even now, amid a pallid recovery, has left mainstream economists terrified about the prospect of long-term stagnation. The aftershocks in Europe are tearing the continent apart.

The solutions have been austerity plus monetary excess. But they are not working. In the worst-hit countries, the pension system has been destroyed, the retirement age is being hiked to 70, and education is being privatised so that graduates now face a lifetime of high debt. Services are being dismantled and infrastructure projects put on hold.Even now many people fail to grasp the true meaning of the word “austerity”. Austerity is not eight years of spending cuts, as in the UK, or even the social catastrophe inflicted on Greece. It means driving the wages, social wages and living standards in the west down for decades until they meet those of the middle class in China and India on the way up.
-- Paul Mason, "The end of capitalism has begun," The Guardian

Courtney Radsch, advocacy director at the nonprofit Committee to Protect Journalists, said lists that single out journalists for harassment unfortunately are not uncommon. “We saw in the Ukraine, for example, there were lists of journalists compiled that led to harassment and threats against reporters there,” Radsch said. “We saw it in Malta where there were reports that the prime minister was part of a secret Facebook group used to coordinate harassment campaigns against a journalist who was later murdered. And we’ve seen the American government — the Customs and Border Protection — compiling lists of reporters and activists who’ve been singled out for questioning.”
-- Brian Krebs, "Neo-Nazi SWATters Target Dozens of Journalists," Krebs on Security

I forget which National Review type tweeted recently that if you call somebody racist all the time then they're going to start being racist because why not? These people have the mentality of DV perps, i.e., I wouldn't hit the bitch if she didn't make me mad.
-- Paul Campos, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

[N]ot all of the people cleared from the townships were cleared from the Highlands. Many were resettled in new locations, on marginal land and on holdings too small to be viable economic farms. These crofting townships are still a significant part of the cultural landscape today, but they were never meant to provide people with a living. In the economic theory of the day, powered by thinkers like Adam Smith, the remnant of the Highland population would learn to diversify. They would become weavers, kelp workers (burning seaweed used to make iodine), commercial fishermen, and so on. ... There were few certainties in the lives of these early crofters. Many of the economic initiatives, in which they had been expected to take part, failed, often because of the vast distances between remote crofting communities and their potential markets in the south. Others, like the kelp industry, were short-lived - overtaken and superseded by new industrial processes. The sporting estates offered, at best, only seasonal employment.
-- Ross Noble, "The Cultural Impact of the Highland Clearances,"

When I was in seventh grade, circa 2003, my science teacher showed us a video making the case for the moon landing hoax theory. It was the Fox TV special Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon? which aired in prime time (twice) in 2001. Fox even bragged about the show’s impact: The Deseret News reported in 2002 that “a 1999 poll found that 11 percent of the American public doubted the moon landing happened, and Fox officials said such skepticism increased to about 20 percent after their show, which was seen by about 15 million viewers.” According to one report, even a few people at the National Science Foundation thought the hoax was possible after watching the special.
-- Vicky Gan, "My Seventh Grade Science Teacher Showed Us a Moon Landing Hoax TV Special," Slate

On July 29, about 50 coal miners in Cumberland, Kentucky, banded together to stop a moving train. They blocked the tracks, refusing to allow the train, carrying $1 million worth of coal, to pass, according to Newsweek. They did the same thing the next day, and the next — literally putting their bodies on the line. Their protest began because Blackjewel, the company where they had until recently been employed, filed for bankruptcy in early July without paying the approximately $5 million in back pay the company owes to 1,700 miners, an attorney for the group told CNN. The standoff has now stretched on for weeks. The miners are not only dealing with financial hardships, but are also in legal limbo, unable to access health care benefits or file for unemployment, Cumberland mayor Charles Raleigh told CNN. The community and local churches have pitched in to help, and a collective of local trans anarchist activists are on the ground providing mutual aid, but many miners are still struggling. The Blackjewel mine was reportedly not unionized, but its former workers have used the tried-and-true union tactic of collective action to fight for what they are owed.
-- Kim Kelly, "Appalachia’s Long, Proud Tradition of Labor Militancy," Teen Vogue

Immigration is an issue that affects all others. Immigration affects our health-care system. Immigration affects our education system. Immigration affects our public safety, it affects our national security, it affects our economy and our financial system. It touches upon everything, but the goal is to create an immigration system that enhances the vibrancy, the unity, the togetherness and the strength of our society.
-- Stephen Miller, quoted in Charles P. Pierce, "Stephen Miller's Plan Is Coming to Fruition," Esquire

This is an essential point: Given the "bothsides" editorial deference politicians are afforded, Trump (and republicans) can count on news agencies balancing their rhetoric in two ways: The more hateful trump, and republican messaging, the harder news agencies work to soften his rhetoric as well as juice up his opposition. The incentive for republicans to incite hate, anger, and violence cannot be overstated. The worse a republican gets, the harder the NYT et al spins their opposition as "the real ____"!
-- ADM, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

In 1851, the Parochial Board of Barra reported that over half the population wished to emigrate if only they had the means. In May they told the Board of Supervision that they did not have the funds to continue relief to the able-bodied poor - the Board wrote back to say it was their responsibility to do so. Gordon chartered ships and offered free passage to Quebec to his tenants in Barra and South Uist (and to those recently evicted). About 1700 people availed themselves of the offer, but on arrival at Quebec some members of the last shipload signed a statement that they had been induced to emigrate by promises by their landlord (free onward passage to Upper Canada, guaranteed work, the possibility of free land grants) which they now found were illusory. They said twenty of those on the ship had wanted to change their mind about emigrating, but had been dragooned onto the ship by Gordon's factor and a police constable. The emigrants arrived on board half-starving and half-naked (some children were naked "Many children of nine and ten years old had not a rag to cover them . Mrs Crisp the wife of the master of ...(the ship) ... was employed the whole of the voyage converting empty bread-bags, old canvases and blankets into coverings for them"). They arrived in Quebec unable to support themselves and without any means of paying for passage to Upper Canada (where they might be able to find work); the Canadian authorities had to lay out £670 to get them there. Because they had not sailed until August, they arrived too late to be properly settled before the onset of a Canadian winter, for which they remained unprepared. The Vice-President of a Scottish benevolent society in Hamilton, Upper Canada wrote "the emigrants from Barra and South Uist, amounting to between two and three thousand were the most destitute I ever saw coming to this country. They were actually in a state of nudity on their arrival here and were utterly helpless"
-- from the Wikipedia entry for "Highland Potato Famine"

Neoliberalism, then, has morphed into a system programmed to inflict recurrent catastrophic failures. Worse than that, it has broken the 200-year pattern of industrial capitalism wherein an economic crisis spurs new forms of technological innovation that benefit everybody.

That is because neoliberalism was the first economic model in 200 years the upswing of which was premised on the suppression of wages and smashing the social power and resilience of the working class.
-- Paul Mason, "The end of capitalism has begun," The Guardian

I worked at the highest levels of management at the Taj Mahell as we called it. You are actually understating what he [Trump] did there. I witnessed the carnage close up and saw 128 Mom and Pop businesses destroyed. He was incapable of listening to anything for more than 20 seconds and would constantly change construction every week. The place was built on change orders. He had zero compassion for everyone including his own brother. I watched as he screamed profanities at him in front of myself and executives, threw things at him, and declared that he would call the police if Robert wasn’t out of the office by 5pm. It was one of the worst run casino/hotels I’ve ever worked. He spent money he didn’t have and received a 3% cut off the gross…so he didn’t care that he had to go into bankruptcy, which he then did 3 more times and reaped a 1.5 billion dollar write-off on an obscure IRS law that allowed him to use the banks loss as his own. Hillary Clinton was one of the senators that eliminated that law in the early 2000’s….hmmmmm. He is a man incapable of empathy. We hid Marla Maples from Ivana many times. Christians that defend him are as hypocritical as he is. A despicable human being at best.
-- N. Olivia,, comments

Imagine expecting your employees to do charity for you by having wages they can't live on so you can keep your store open.
-- Malcolm Campbell, Facebook, comments

A man drove hundreds of miles out of his way specifically to murder Latinx people, under the sway of a president who calls these people invaders and an infestation. People are dead because of race hatred, and you're hand-wringing about who should do the public shaming of people who support eliminationists.
-- Junipermo, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, responding to a concern troll

In some places, Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia for example, they have kept alive customs and traditions that have disappeared from the culture of the homeland.
-- Ross Noble, "The Cultural Impact of the Highland Clearances," [At one time, there were more Scots Gaelic speakers in Nova Scotia than in Scotland. -- ?!]

[P]erhaps the saddest hoax point of all is the truthers’ conviction that the moon landing was technically impossible—that it didn’t happen simply because it couldn’t have.
-- Vicky Gan, "My Seventh Grade Science Teacher Showed Us a Moon Landing Hoax TV Special," Slate

Word spread quickly July 29 that someone was loading up the train to move. A few laid-off miners headed down to the site to find out what was going on, and it didn’t take long to decide they weren’t going to let this train go anywhere. The miners want their jobs back, if possible—but bottom line, they want their wages for the work they already did. “I would like to get the money that I’m owed,” said miner Cameron Cornett, a father of three, “the money that I worked for, and that was taken from me and my family and these other workers.” “If we can’t get our money, they need to do something with [former CEO] Jeff Hoops for what he’s done,” said Shane Smith, a fourth-generation miner. His youngest daughter was born three days after the company announced its bankruptcy a month ago and stole workers’ wages. Both men said they are owed nearly $4,000 in their last two paychecks.
-- Kim Kelly, "Appalachia’s Long, Proud Tradition of Labor Militancy," Teen Vogue

Information simply as a “public good”. The US government even decreed that no profit should be made out of patents, only from the production process itself. Then we began to understand intellectual property. In 1962, Kenneth Arrow, the guru of mainstream economics, said that in a free market economy the purpose of inventing things is to create intellectual property rights. He noted: “precisely to the extent that it is successful there is an underutilisation of information.”

You can observe the truth of this in every e-business model ever constructed: monopolise and protect data, capture the free social data generated by user interaction, push commercial forces into areas of data production that were non-commercial before, mine the existing data for predictive value – always and everywhere ensuring nobody but the corporation can utilise the results.

If we restate Arrow’s principle in reverse, its revolutionary implications are obvious: if a free market economy plus intellectual property leads to the “underutilisation of information”, then an economy based on the full utilisation of information cannot tolerate the free market or absolute intellectual property rights. The business models of all our modern digital giants are designed to prevent the abundance of information.
-- Paul Mason, "The end of capitalism has begun," The Guardian

My dad was born into a family of sharecroppers on a white plantation in Greenwood, Miss., where black people bent over cotton from can’t-see-in-the-morning to can’t-see-at-night, just as their enslaved ancestors had done not long before. The Mississippi of my dad’s youth was an apartheid state that subjugated its near- majority black population through breathtaking acts of violence. White residents in Mississippi lynched more black people than those in any other state in the country, and the white people in my dad’s home county lynched more black residents than those in any other county in Mississippi, often for such ‘‘crimes’’ as entering a room occupied by white women, bumping into a white girl or trying to start a sharecroppers union. My dad’s mother, like all the black people in Greenwood, could not vote, use the public library or find work other than toiling in the cotton fields or toiling in white people’s houses.
-- Nikole Hannah-Jones, "Our founding ideals of liberty and equality were false when they were written. Black Americans fought to make them true. Without this struggle, America would have no democracy at all.", The 1619 Project New York Times via The Pulitzer Center

I've proposed making a list of businesses that have public displays of toxic bull shit on their walls (NRA, Blue Lives Matter, MAGA, Speak English etc.) to allow consumers to avoid these places for ethical and even safety reasons. You'd be amazed at how many people even in spaces literally devoted to anti-racism or progressive activism, feel like this is crossing some sort of ethical line and would be unfair to those business proprietors. We travel to the Eastern Sierras a lot and drive through some very conservative areas, where I've seem problematic shit at some businesses, so I mentioned the idea in the Indivisible FB group for that area. People were outraged at my idea. These are their friends and neighbors. A few days later I realized I was no longer in the group!! People are really weird in how defensive they get about this stuff.
-- Uncle Ebeneezer, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

[L]etters posted in London took as long to reach Barra as they would to reach Bombay.
-- from the Wikipedia entry for "Highland Potato Famine," on the quality of postal service to some of the Hebridean islands

The internet’s biggest stars are using irony and nonchalance to refurbish old conspiracies for new audiences, recycling them into new forms that help them persist in the cultural imagination. Along the way, these vloggers are unlocking a new, casual mode of experiencing paranoia. They are mutating our relationship to belief itself: It is less about having convictions than it is about having fun.
-- Amanda Hess, quoted in Vicky Gan, "My Seventh Grade Science Teacher Showed Us a Moon Landing Hoax TV Special," Slate

To pass the time they’re playing cornhole and singing songs like “I Want My Pay” to the tune of “I Want It That Way.” Even rain last night didn’t dampen their spirits.
-- Kim Kelly, "Appalachia’s Long, Proud Tradition of Labor Militancy," Teen Vogue

I’ve heard that a tattoo artist could make a good living if the only two things they could draw were shamrocks and swastikas.
-- Gavin Ferris, Facebook, comments

Look, the parameters are very, very clear.


- repeat their own words back to them
- cite empirical evidence
- cite historical facts
- cite scientific evidence (I repeat myself, but...)
- point out hypocrisies
- call them names (especially RACIST, and especially if they are, in fact, a RACIST)
- associate them with anything negative
- refer to actual religious writings and teachings
- make any mention of America's missteps
- suggest they're maybe not the fastest tractors on the farm
- disparage an obvious con man and liar, the most worthless sack of human flesh to ever be voted into any elected office, anywhere, ever, and so obviously unfit for office that the entire world points and laughs at the bizarre phenomenon that this sniggering ballsack could fool anyone, anywhere that he was anything other than the complete and utter fraud he truly is
- publically disclose public information about which putrid candidate they publically donated money to
- point out they're full of shit when that's all they've been emitting for....ever

These are (some of) the rules and we expect everyone to abide by them.
-- keta, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

The east Sutherland areas of Strathnaver, the Strath of Kildonan and Strathbrora alone contain the sites of 150 and 200 separately named communities which are entirely deserted,
-- Calum Ross, "Radical bid to revive heritage lost by the Highland clearances," Press And Journal, 1 February 2018

Adding insult to injury, the miners never received any paper notice of their layoff, which caused a bureaucratic headache when they went to file for unemployment—they couldn’t prove they were out of work. Even once that was straightened out, the company’s paperwork was a mess, said Cornett. Everyone’s case was slightly different. It turned out that Blackjewel hadn’t reported most of his wages to Social Security all year. He filed additional paperwork and expects to wait two to three more weeks for a reconsideration by the unemployment department.
-- Kim Kelly, "Appalachia’s Long, Proud Tradition of Labor Militancy," Teen Vogue

[I]n making the argument against Britain’s tyranny, one of the colonists’ favorite rhetorical devices was to claim that they ere the slaves — to Britain. For this duplicity, they faced burning criticism both at home and abroad. As Samuel Johnson, an English writer and Tory opposed to American independence, quipped, ‘‘How is it that we hear the loudest yelps for
liberty among the drivers of Negroes?’’
-- Nikole Hannah-Jones, "Our founding ideals of liberty and equality were false when they were written. Black Americans fought to make them true. Without this struggle, America would have no democracy at all.", The 1619 Project New York Times via The Pulitzer Center

Jews have lived in Israel for pretty much all of recorded history. Only a handful of really dedicated folks argue that Jews did not originate in the geographic area known as Israel or Palestine. Even after various expulsions, the minority Jewish populations still lived throughout the region, including in Gaza and other territories now controlled by the PA, such as Hebron, Jericho and Nablus. This history is so exceedingly well documented that it takes a fair amount of revisionism and willful ignorance to ignore it. Jews were never a majority population in Israel, but Israel reminded historically a place where Jews settled following mass expulsion from other countries as part of a "return from Exile." For example, a significant wave of Jewish immigrants settled in the region from France after the French expulsion in the 14th Century. A huge population from Spain settled in Israel following the Spanish expulsion. Dribs and drabs were constantly making their way back to "the homeland" to settle. The modern Zionist movement was unique from these previous waves in a variety of ways. But of relevance here is that the traditional colonial model doesn't fit. From our perspective, the resident non-Jews were happy as long as we remained second class religious minority who knew our place and didn't get uppity. It was only after the demographics began to shift and we demanded OUR rights as equals did things get nasty under the British Mandate.
-- Harold Feld, Facebook, comments
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