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Quotes, Bad Movies and Worse Money Edition

[I]n an ideal world, there would be gay party hacks across the board. No good reason why center-right parties should be deprived of loyal people with a variety of orientations.
-- Richard Hoch, Facebook, comments

I was ready for a woman President in 1972 when, as an 8 year-old suburban white boy, I was mesmerized by Shirley Chisholm, the first black female candidate for President. Why is it taking so many people so long to catch up to that little boy who had so much hope 47 years ago?
-- @AlwaysShanePS, Twitter, comments

I remember getting hit on the head with the plane.
-- QF 72 passenger Caroline Southcott, interviewed in "Australia Saturday Night: Qantas flight 72"

Oh, luck. Luck! You always need a bit of luck, you know (laughs) in any emergency.
-- Captain (Ret.) Michael Lloyd, interviewed in "Australia Saturday Night: Mayday: True terror on board the Viking Sky cruise ship"

They asked me to tell you what it was like to be twenty and pregnant in 1950 and when you tell your boyfriend you’re pregnant, he tells you about a friend of his in the army whose girl told him she was pregnant, so he got all his buddies to come and say, “We all f*cked her, so who knows who the father is?” And he laughs at the good joke….
-- Ursula K. LeGuin, quoted on Facebook

Bye, Christa! Bye, crew!
-- Barbara Morgan, Christa McAuliffe's backup, in archival footage in "Challenger Disaster: The Lost Tapes," at liftoff

First of all, notice that Trump acknowledges that without safe, legal abortion, women will be forced once again to back-alley butchers to terminate their pregnancies — and he’s OK with that. Typical Trump lack of empathy.

Secondly, despite all of the current crocodile tears that women are also “victims” in an abortion, in countries that ban abortion in all or nearly all circumstances, plenty of women get jailed, with sentences that could range from six months to 99 years. For example, in Rwanda, where abortion is illegal under most circumstances, 313 women and girls were in jail for illegal abortions — nearly one-fourth of the inmates.

Lastly, making abortions illegal doesn’t make them stop. Despite threats of arrest, stigma, or possible injury or death, there are an estimated 20 million illegal abortions each year, according to the Alan Guttmacher Institute. In Africa, 680 out of every 100,000 abortions end in death, but that has not kept women from trying to control the size of their families. The World Health Organization estimates that 78,000 women a year die from illegal abortions. In Latin America, one in five maternal deaths are due to illegal abortions, the WHO estimates.
-- Ivonne Rovira, "Of course women will be arrested for abortions. Did you think otherwise?", Forward Kentucky at DailyKos

In the western state of Maharashtra, farmers struggled to find water for thirsty animals and crops. “We have to source water tankers from nearby villages as water reserves, lakes and rivers have dried up,” said Rajesh Chandrakant, a resident of Beed, one of the worst-hit districts. “Farmers only get water every three days for their livestock.” Raghunath Tonde, a farmer with a family of seven, said the area has suffered worsening shortages for five years. “There is no drinking water available for days on end and we get one tanker every three days for the entire village,” Tonde told AFP.
-- no byline, "India weather: Temperature passes 50C Celsius in northern India,"

Finnish to English machine translation is, um, keeping human translators employed.
-- Catherine Crockett, Facebook, comments

“I think I really knew that it was scary and serious when I was in the hospital for the first five minutes, there’s a doctor talking to my sister and goes, ‘Where’s your mom?’” she recalls. Her sister explained that her mom couldn’t be there right now since she was five hours away. The doctor turned to Schanbaum’s sister and said, “She needs to be here." “We locked eyes and just saw fear,” Schanbaum says.
-- Jamie Schanbaum, interviewed in Rachel Grumman Bender, "Woman shares harrowing battle with bacterial infection that caused her limbs to ‘literally decay in front of me’," Yahoo News

There wasn't really any first sign. It just happened. Like the hand of God had just pushed the aircraft down; there was no [makes curving hand gesture] "Wooo, let's go," as a rollercoaster. It was just like, slam.
-- former Qantas flight services manager and QF 72 passenger Bruce Southcott, interviewed in "Australia Saturday Night: Qantas flight 72"

[S]outhern aristos are pro-life because the whole point of the society is the poor whites fight the poor blacks, and restricting abortion = more labor and poverty to exploit by the gentry the goal of their flavor of white supremacy is about getting rich off slaves, not death camps not that they have a problem with a death camp or three, it's difficult to communicate how utterly disposable the lives of people outside of their class are, this is a society whose rulers believe that god has annointed them to rule over their lessers
-- @TheMittani, Twitter, three tweets

Pilot: KLM 867 heavy, we are descending now: we are in a fall!
Pilot: KLM 867, we need all the assistance you have, sir. Give us radar vectors please!
-- CVR transcript from KLM flight 867, from its Wikipedia page

Cuba continues to play a destabilizing role in the Western Hemisphere, providing a communist foothold in the region and propping up U.S. adversaries in places like Venezuela and Nicaragua by fomenting instability, undermining the rule of law, and suppressing democratic processes. This administration has made a strategic decision to reverse the loosening of sanctions and other restrictions on the Cuban regime. These actions will help to keep U.S. dollars out of the hands of Cuban military, intelligence, and security services.
-- Trump Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, quoted in Matthew Lee and Michael Weissenstein, Associated Press, at

The Knesset is no place for a nice Jewish boy.
-- Rabbi Chuck Davidson, Facebook

The Dominican Republic, which also bans all abortions, has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in Latin America — three times higher than the United States’. One-third of pregnancy-related deaths involve a women dying from a terminal disease they could not treat because they were pregnant. Among them was Rosaura Almonte Hernández, a 16-year-old who was prevented from being treated for her leukemia because doctors prioritized the fetus. Eventually, doctors relented, but too late, and Almonte Hernández died.
-- Ivonne Rovira, "Of course women will be arrested for abortions. Did you think otherwise?", Forward Kentucky at DailyKos

They had to very quickly discover what part of the airplane was trying to kill them, and how to stop it from doing so.
-- Captain (Ret.) Chesley Sullenberger, interviewed in "Australia Saturday Night: Qantas flight 72"

The amount of things men say they "don't know how to do", I swear to god.
-- @audrawilliams, Twitter

When Stanley Key dies, who will be God's next representative at B[ritish]E[uropean]A[irways]?
-- bullying graffito against BEA flight 548 captain found on a cockpit tray table in the wreckage, shown in archival footage in "Pilot Error"

The kits are so popular. It is a bit of a national obsession. The statistic in the industry is that approximately 2% of people who take a DNA test discover an NPE – that is, to use the terminology, they are Not Parent Expected, or a Non Parental Event. If 12m kits were sold in the US last year, then around 240,000 people have discovered their parent is not their parent – and they’re only the ones who’ve taken a test.
-- Dani Shapiro, quoted in Rachel Cooke, "‘Science will bring an end to these family secrets’," The Guardian, on finding out through a DNA test that her father was not her biological father

I struggled with admitting to myself that we have no real mechanisms to control a dumb, corrupt, bigot of a president and that we are allergic to the idea of holding powerful men accountable for fucking anything. This kind of president will likely alternate in office with Democrats. People just don’t seem to care.
-- tsam100, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

Most astute comment I’ve heard today when asked if [MK Avigdor] Lieberman really cares about the draft this much was “Lieberman cares about exactly two things. Looking out for Lieberman and making Bibi miserable” I think he is very pleased with himself at the moment!
-- Eyal Chachma, Facebook, comments

I now bump into men who walk right into my path instead of moving to the side as we pass on narrow sidewalks.
-- lesmiserahbles, Jezebel, comments

Viruses fall apart under the ultraviolet [light]. It smashes their genetic material, making it impossible for them to replicate. We like that.
-- Dr. Nancy Jaax, dialogue from "The Hot Zone: Arrival"

Many [sperm] donors still tick the anonymity box. That needs to change, partly because of the consequences for their biological children – my book is instructive about what it’s like to discover you’re the child of an anonymous donor – but also because they will be found. There’s a basic misunderstanding about DNA testing. My [biological] father had not had a DNA test. But a nephew of his had and so I found him. Anonymity is over. We need to ask if the guarantee of anonymity made by sperm banks is still valid when the world has changed – and the science has changed.
-- Dani Shapiro, quoted in Rachel Cooke, "‘Science will bring an end to these family secrets’," The Guardian

“Is America ready for a woman president?” ask the people who think girls are ready to have their rapists’ babies.
-- @OhNoSheTwitnt, Twitter

Georgia has already charged a woman when she self-aborted. Murder charges against Kenlissia Jones were dropped in 2015 only because prosecutors reluctantly had to admit that Roe v. Wade still stood in their way. Think they’ll be more circumspect if the Roberts Court strikes down Roe?
-- Ivonne Rovira, "Of course women will be arrested for abortions. Did you think otherwise?", Forward Kentucky at DailyKos

Sir, we're not just talking about a train here. We're talking about a missile...the size of the Chrysler Building.
-- Connie Hooper, dialogue from "Unstoppable"

This is complex. What is the moral responsibility of someone who once donated sperm? And what is the moral responsibility of someone who discovers they were conceived in that way to the donor? A few decades from now, people will say, ‘My God, I can’t believe it ever happened that way.’ Science is going to force us into a place where there can’t be these secrets. But right now, we’re dealing with a tidal wave.
-- Dani Shapiro, quoted in Rachel Cooke, "‘Science will bring an end to these family secrets’," The Guardian

Huh. I mean I know "if Obama had done/said/tweeted X" is a well-worn trope by this point but goddamn.
-- socraticsilence, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

The left argues over what defines womanhood, the right probably has a dead woman in their trunk
-- @MascaraAmanita, Twitter

If this thing ever evolves to live longer inside a human body, it could spread faster than we could ever keep up with it.
-- Dr. Wade Carter, dialogue from "The Hot Zone: Quarantine"

The reason why there are no Straight Pride parades is the same reason why there are no soup kitchens for the rich!
-- Steven F. Scharff, Facebook, comments

I hated it when people said to me: ‘Your father’s still your father.’ But when people said: ‘He couldn’t have loved you more,’ I knew that was true. At first, it was hard to move past a sense of having been betrayed by my parents, but I’ve come to experience them as creatures of their time. This could not have been easy for them.” Their infertility, and the secret they shared, has shed new light on their relationship. “My father was certainly sad and beaten down – before he married my mother, he’d been divorced and widowed – and my mother did have a personality disorder. But what they went through to conceive me and what they then did to pack away the knowledge of it – that just poured gasoline over the whole thing. It had a great deal to do, I see now, with my father becoming a shadowy figure and with my mother’s rage and contempt for him.
-- Dani Shapiro, quoted in Rachel Cooke, "‘Science will bring an end to these family secrets’," The Guardian, on finding out through a DNA test that her father was not her biological father

I heard a slight change in the airflow over the airplane, and, uh, I thought, "Oh, that's interesting," and the next thing I know, whop, up we went.
-- deadheading Qantas pilot Peter Casey, interviewed in "Australia Saturday Night: Qantas flight 72," on surviving a zero-G dive while not strapped in

Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth. Sooner or later, that debt is paid.
-- Valery Legasov, dialogue from "Chernobyl: Vichnaya Pamyat" [Eternal Memory]

The most dangerous enemy is one who is comfortable with being publicly underestimated.
-- @TheMittani, Twitter

You're an illegal immigrant. You don't have rights.
-- immigration police officer, dialogue from "Ice" (2011)
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