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Quotes, What Is This Edition

"Would you hit a Nazi with a baby stroller?" "Well, I'd prefer a brick, but, sure, that would work too."

I mean I'll take the baby out of the stroller first, I'm not a monster

So you can fill it with bricks instead?
-- Lee Rudolph, FromInsideTheHouse, and epidemiologist, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

We said we didn't need no help. Good thing nobody's listenin' to us.
-- dialogue from "The Rescue of Jessica McClure"

roasting marshmallows over the dumpsterfire

Jack Daniels nipping at our noses...
-- Michael Yosef Miller and Amy Q. Harris, Facebook, comments

-- chart description quoted by Barry Petchesky, in "What Did We Get Stuck In Our Rectums Last Year?", Deadspin

Keta walks into a bar and stops dead in his tracks. Behind the bar is a horse, mixing drinks. Horse looks at Keta and says "What- you don't think a horse can own a bar?"
Keta says " I'm surprised the ferret sold the place. "
-- Worriedman, Alicublog, comments

The Right wants to destroy the America I want.
-- Matt McCarthy, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

Eric: Don't worry, Dad. The lightning can't hurt me. You grounded me this morning.
Mr. Dobbs: *chuckles* Huh. I grounded him this morning.
-- dialogue from "Lightning: Fire From the Sky"

More interesting are the statements from Republican legislative leaders that reveal the actual basis for this power grab, beyond extreme partisan self-interest. “Law written by the legislature and passed by a governor should not be erased based on the political maneuvering of an incoming administration,” said state Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald on Tuesday, before adding “Citizens from every corner of Wisconsin deserve a strong legislative branch that stands on equal footing with an incoming administration that is based almost solely in Madison.” His last line echoes a comment made by state Assembly Speaker Robin Vos just after the election. “If you took Madison and Milwaukee out of the state election formula, we would have a clear majority—we would have all five constitutional officers and we would probably have many more seats in the Legislature.”

The idea that you could remove the state’s major population centers and still have an acceptably democratic result is a reasoning that gets to the heart of the matter. It’s not just that Democrats are poised to undo gains made under Walker’s administration, but that Democrats themselves are illegitimate because of who they represent. Vos isn’t saying that Republicans should do better in Madison and Milwaukee, he’s saying that the state’s major cities shouldn’t count. And if they do count, says Fitzgerald, they don’t count the same way.

They are the wrong voters, and the Democrats they elect have no right to roll back a Republican administration backed by the right ones.
-- Jamelle Bouie, "The GOP Sees Rural Voters as More Legitimate Than Urban Voters," Slate

Privilege is the extent to which certain hidden rules of society do or do not apply to you. To which the systems of society, daily interactions, either advantage you or do not work against you.
-- Peter Kruger, "How did society shift so abruptly to a politically correct culture? Everyone was saying whatever they wanted and no one would bat an eye, but now everything's a micro-aggression?", Quora

Augie: What are they saying down there?
Nate (Augie's dad): They're saying a lot of things, my friend, none of which concern us. Let's see your new Minecraft world...because we might be moving to it.
-- dialogue from Wonder

The first thing a propagandist sells to its audience is the idea that the individual audience member cannot be taken in by propaganda.
-- smintheus, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

Let's not pretend capitalism is magic, can we?
-- D Sidhe, Aliublog, comments

New York is a city, like most in America, that bears the scars of redlining, blockbusting and urban renewal. The ghost of those policies haunts us in a wealth gap between blacks and whites that has actually gotten worse over the past 20 years.

But much worse, it haunts black people with a kind of invisible violence.... The promise of America is that those who play by the rules, who observe the norms of the “middle class,” will be treated as such. But this injunction is only half-enforced when it comes to black people, in large part because we were never meant to be part of the American story.
-- Ta-Nehisi Coates, "The Good, Racist People," New York Times (2013)

Will (to friend): Do you like apples?
Friend: Yeah.
Will: I got her number. How do you like them apples?
-- dialogue from Good Will Hunting

Oh and the kids in the goonies, stand by me, stranger things? You can gender flip them and there would be very little difference. Maybe better prep and less arguing.
-- @FoxSpiritBooks, Twitter

[T]he perfect unity ticket: Jill Stein and Ben Stein. Who doesn’t hate one or both of them?
-- N__B, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

Well, Miss Mayor, I've known Eric Dobbs his whole life, and if he tells you the sky is falling, you better buy yourself a cement umbrella.
-- dialogue from "Lightning: Fire From the Sky"

Conservatoids are like molluscs--they have no internal ethical framework and MUST be supported externally to function. It's why they are all tribal authoritarians and literally cannot comprehend any other existence to be viable (just as snails would wonder how we remain upright without a shell, if they could wonder whilst they wander).
-- Cole, Alicublog, comments

Squeeze: When you get shown a problem, but have no idea how to control it, then you just...decide to get used to the problem.
-- dialogue from "Sorry to Bother You"

"Let the market decide, except whenever it means white guys will have to face the consequences of their actions in any way" really is libertarianism in a nutshell
-- @x_t_pd Twitter

[I]t's mind boggling how many completely capitalist things have been slimed as "socialist." The welfare state? We know that Bismark invented it in order to draw off support for communism. But that is in itself a fundamentally capitalist move; in essence, Bismark was a manager giving his employees a raise so they wouldn't be tempted to go and work for his competitors. Labor unions? Again, that's a perfectly capitalist move (especially ik contrast to more state-oriented forms of socialism); it's essentially a Chamber of Commerce for workers. Etc. For all the talk about the DSA and all that shit, what we're defending is still capitalism. It's just that that word had been ruined to the point where it means "whatever rich people want." (Not unlike how "socialist," towards the end, had been debased to mean "whatever serves the interest of CPSU apparatchiks).
-- CP, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments
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