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Baby needs a new pair of shoes, or something


I moved to Toronto to take a "6 months with high likelihood of extension" job, and on Tuesday they terminated my contract as part of a massive project reorganization. Now I'm stuck in Toronto with a huge rent to pay, and my computer had chosen this moment to die. I can't even get it to boot most of the time without BSODing, and I can't job search from my phone.

So I hate to bleg, but I've started a GoFundMe so I can get a decent professional-quality laptop (in the event that I land a freelance job, I have to be able to do it), and to get my data (read:life) transferred off. Anything helps. If you're in the GTA and you have hardware you can loan/donate/sell on credit, please DM me.


Sara needs new hardware!
Tags: argh, being interrobang, employment, freelancing, fuck you very much, i really hate this damn machine, money money money, new toys, shameless plugging, technical writing, toronto, unemployment, work

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