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Quotes, Rush Rush Rush Edition

Bosoms, as we all know, must be seen and not heard. No one likes a really loud bosom.
-- Sue Perkins, "Giles and Sue's Royal Wedding," YouTube

tRump’s management style in a nutshell – Walk into the room, babble, tell an underling to start doing something they’ve been doing in a terse word blurt, and then go play golf.
-- Shakezula, “This tax cut will pay for itself!”, Lawyers, Guns, and Money

I keep calling "Computer, end simulation" but nothing's happening. I fear this all might be real.
-- Pere Ubu, Alicublog, comments

“Why is the Internet so slow?” asks 3 MB text article, after making 98 web requests
-- @Pinboard, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

There’s a preconception that Canada is boring. Even Canadians share this preconception, because they have no idea how weird they are. They’ve been swimming in the strange for so long it feels like water.
-- Emer O’Toole, “O Canada, never stop being weird,” The Guardian

“The Government” is conservative code for “people of color.” Pretty much every derogatory proper noun conservatives use is code for “people of color”. A lot of things make more sense once one sorts this out.
-- Punditus Maximus, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

A cardinal rule of organizing is that you can’t ask people to do anything you haven’t done yourself; so I spent that weekend as I spent many—among people plotting to remove me from their ethnostate. It helped that, despite its blood-curdling anti-Black racism, at least some factions of the White nationalist movement saw me as a potential ally against their true archenemy. At the expo that year, a guy warily asked me about myself. I told him that I had come on behalf of a few brothers in the city. We needed to resist the federal government and we were there to get educated. I said I hoped he wouldn’t take it personally, but I didn’t shake hands with White people. He smiled; he totally understood. “Brother McLamb,” he concurred, “says we have to start building broad coalitions.” Together we went to hear Jack McLamb, a retired Phoenix cop who ran an organization called Police Against the New World Order, make a case for temporary alliances with “the Blacks, the Mexicans, the Orientals” against the real enemy, the federal government controlled by an international conspiracy. He didn’t have to say who ran this conspiracy because it was obvious to all in attendance. And despite the widespread tendency to dismiss antisemitism, notwithstanding its daily presence across the country and the world, it is obvious to you, too.
-- Eric K. Ward, "Skin in the Game: How Antisemitism Animates White Nationalism," Political Research

Waving the Stars and Bars and calling yourself a patriot is like wrapping yourself in bacon and calling yourself a vegetable.
-- Adam Buchbinder, Facebook, comments

One of the components of Trumpism is that everything is a zero-sum game and dominance is the only true form of leadership. What Trumpists have seen is Obama talking about America like an adult, thereby admitting that America is less than perfect and offering submission to other countries; Trump threatening allies is Showing Them Who's Boss (TM), like a real man.
-- Strider, Alicublog, comments

Americans are "fish in a barrel".We all need medicine. We all need doctors and nurses. Insurance has a MONOPOLY on US. WE are the commodity
-- @AgeDemands, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

Vast amounts of research remain undone in the growing field of homeopathic economics.
-- N__B, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

The Law of Attraction is to poverty as faith healing is to cancer – a cure that conveniently blames the sick person when it fails.
-- Leah McLaren, "Women, beware the post-truth world of woo woo," The Globe and Mail

We need to stand up and say: ‘Enough is enough. Maybe public hanging might be a bit severe – although I might not personally have an issue with it – but the bottom line is we have to make sure that people respect our bylaws.
-- West Vancouver mayor Michael Smith, quoted in Jeremy Shepherd, “West Vancouver council threatens to raze renegade house,” North Shore News

You start in 1984 saying faggot, faggot, faggot. By 2017 that backfires. So you say stuff like, San Francisco's Congressman, religious freedom, liberals from outside GA, bathrooms...
-- Fats Durston, Alicublog, comments, channelling Barry Goldwater

To recognize that antisemitism is not a sideshow to racism within White nationalist thought is important for at least two reasons. First, it allows us to identify the fuel that White nationalist ideology uses to power its anti-Black racism, its contempt for other people of color, and its xenophobia—as well as the misogyny and other forms of hatred it holds dear. White nationalists in the United States perceive the country as having plunged into unending crisis since the social ruptures of the 1960s supposedly dispossessed White people of their very nation.

The successes of the civil rights movement created a terrible problem for White supremacist ideology. White supremacism—inscribed de jure by the Jim Crow regime and upheld de facto outside the South—had been the law of the land, and a Black-led social movement had toppled the political regime that supported it. How could a race of inferiors have unseated this power structure through organizing alone? For that matter, how could feminists and LGBTQ people have upended traditional gender relations, leftists mounted a challenge to global capitalism, Muslims won billions of converts to Islam? How do you explain the boundary-crossing allure of hip hop? The election of a Black president? Some secret cabal, some mythological power, must be manipulating the social order behind the scenes. This diabolical evil must control television, banking, entertainment, education, and even Washington, D.C. It must be brainwashing White people, rendering them racially unconscious. What is this arch-nemesis of the White race, whose machinations have prevented the natural and inevitable imposition of white supremacy? It is, of course, the Jews. Jews function for today’s White nationalists as they often have for antisemites through the centuries: as the demons stirring an otherwise changing and heterogeneous pot of lesser evils.

In 1920, Henry Ford brought the “Protocols” to the United States, printing half a million copies of an adaptation called “The International Jew,” and the text has had a presence in American life ever since. (Walmart stocked copies on its shelves and for a time refused calls to take them down—in 2004.) But it is over the past fifty years, not coincidentally the first period in U.S. history in which most American Jews have regarded themselves as White, that antisemitism has become integral to the architecture of American racism. ... The White nationalist movement that evolved from it in the 1970s was a revolutionary movement that saw itself as the vanguard of a new, whites-only state. This latter movement, then and now, positions Jews as the absolute other, the driving force of white dispossession—which means the other channels of its hatred cannot be intercepted without directly taking on antisemitism. This brings me to the second reason that White nationalist antisemitism must not be dismissed: at the bedrock of the movement is an explicit claim that Jews are a race of their own, and that their ostensible position as White folks in the U.S. represents the greatest trick the devil ever played.
-- Eric K. Ward, "Skin in the Game: How Antisemitism Animates White Nationalism," Political Research

Cleek’s Law + Clinton Derangement Syndrome + voters who always think the answer come election time is “time for change” = a helluva drug.
-- NonyNony, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

Look, Canadians are nicer than pie. But this is a country of hardcore survivalists. I had no idea what -30C felt like until my first Canadian Christmas when I found that the conditions you’re subject to while popping out for a smoke are a highly effective cessation aid.
-- Emer O’Toole, “O Canada, never stop being weird,” The Guardian

Long before I wallowed in Netflix’s series The Crown last winter, I had grasped that this very rich nonagenarian who dresses in look-at-me colours and seems to reserve strong emotions for her corgi dogs is a self-abnegating, ferociously hard-working woman whose understanding of the continuity she represents is literally religious.
-- Katherine Ashenberg, "An American in Canada: Why I took the citizenship plunge," The Globe and Mail

Assholes ruin this world. This whole world could be such a great place; our brief lives are such a gift, and yet 90% of our time is spent dealing with/worrying about/suffering from assholes.
-- Nelson, Alicublog, comments

I know that a country worth living in doesn't come for free. I'm a responsible citizen willing to pay my share. Hike my taxes as needed.
-- @sesquiotic, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

This is a 70-something billionaire (with the most powerful job on Earth), and 90+% of his speech is *pouting*.
-- Dr. Ronnie James DO, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

Life is uglier and uglier these days, more and more Jewish. “No matter how long it takes us and no matter to what lengths we must go, we’ll demand a final settlement of the account between our two races. If the Organization survives this contest, no Jew will—anywhere. We’ll go to the uttermost ends of the earth to hunt down the last of Satan’s spawn.
-- William Pierce, from The Turner Diaries, quoted in Eric K. Ward, "Skin in the Game: How Antisemitism Animates White Nationalism," Political Research

Albert Wong, the citizenship judge, had come to Canada with his ethnic Chinese family at the age of 13 from Malaysia and served almost 40 years in the navy. Welcoming the roomful of citizens-to-be, he said, “Your diversity is our diversity.” Pointedly, he told us that one of the distinguishing marks of Canadian society is the equality of men and women. I liked that. Another important part of Canadian life, he said, is volunteering: Become a volunteer. And unexpectedly, he exhorted the parents to involve their children in the arts, something he said was important for the health of the country.
-- Katherine Ashenberg, "An American in Canada: Why I took the citizenship plunge," The Globe and Mail

There is almost no greater economic privilege than expecting and demanding that your investment will gain in value.
-- @jedrek, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

It's surreal that the media both here and in Britain are portraying anybody roughly as "leftist" as Eisenhower or LBJ as full-blown anarchists. ... The media here and in Britain seems to sense the pendulum finally beginning to swing back to the left after years of being stuck on the right (lodged in the splintered remains of the clock case, more like), and they're in full freakout mode that people might unite to demand such anarchist atrocities as universal healthcare. (Of course, it doesn't help that a good chunk of the Democratic party spends its time denigrating any FDR-style populism as loony idealism that will crater the economy.
-- mgmonklewis, Alicublog, comments

One of the early writers of National Review, Erik von Kuehnelt- Leddihn, wrote a whole book about the superiority of monarchies and dictatorships in ensuring freedom rather than democratic institutions. The book Liberty and Equality is raved about in the paleoconservative and neo reactionary circles.
-- john fremont, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

Fig made himself sick eating daisies, then tried to eat one again.
-- james_nicoll, "The exgf's cats meet Fig," More Words, Deeper Hole

Privilege, after all, is not the same as power. Privilege can be revoked.
-- Eric K. Ward, "Skin in the Game: How Antisemitism Animates White Nationalism," Political Research

I find that the Canadians have perfected the art of Quantum Sarcasm: A superposition of serious and facetious that is not quite either one.
-- @Noahpinion, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym [The technical term for this is "kidding on the square." -- ?!]

[E]veryone knows that the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory and the Titanic were false flags perpetrated by the regulatory deep state
-- Pickles, Alicublog, comments

-- Paul Nunn, Facebook, comments
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