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Quotes, Helloooooo Baaaaaayyyyyybeeee... Edition

-- Pere Ubu, Alicublog, comments

I think we need to shut down Canadian conservatism until they figure out what the hell is going on.
-- @charliepiche, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapons are sarcasm. Dramatic irony, metaphor, bathos, puns, parody, litotes and satire… No, wait, that doesn’t sound right.
-- herr doktor bimler, Respectful Insolence, comments

I knew a kid in college, his mother was from Brooklyn and his father from New Zealand and he grew up in Long Island. Yet against all odds, he managed to learn English.
-- Lance Mawly, Facebook, comments

So much of what I've achieved in life can be traced to the efforts of my parents.
-- Robert Walker-Smith, Gin and Tacos, comments

Oh hell. They'd whine in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust that they started. "We didn't know it would lead to annihilation! Nobody told us about nuclear winter!"
-- duquesne-pdx, Alicublog, comments

Within hours of landing in Yellowknife, the Alhajy family – Mustafa, his wife and their four children – were taken on a shopping expedition to stock up on winter gear. “Our sponsors bought us parkas and boots for -50C (-58F) weather,” said Mustafa through a translator. “We had never experienced anything like it.”
-- Ashifa Kassam and Raya Jalabi, "Syrian refugees in Canada's north: 'It’s not warm in weather, but warm in emotions '," The Guardian

Keep telling people, “economic anxiety” is code for “making poor whites live by the rules we’ve been imposing on poor blacks since forever.” No steady jobs, wages don’t track costs of living remotely, families have to be broken up, education options range from barely effective to demeaning, and at every turn it’s all your fault, or your “culture.”
-- sigaba, Balloon Juice, comments

[K]ids growing up in bad situations need role models! Job training! Education! They also need like food and oxygen a place to express themselves including the anger and pain they carry that no one wants to listen to because it makes us all uncomfortable. In those art classes I saw angry 9yos who acted like antisocial jaded 15yos actually RELAX for a change and ENJOY themselves creating something beautiful or ugly or weird but something they had control over. The look of defiance then gratitude when a kid would make a picture of a dinosaur stomping on a car-wreck and the teachers would say, "wow! Great use of color & detail!" instead of MORE disapproval, priceless. The heart & soul of our world is so much more than the bottom dollar line y'all.
-- mmmolives, Reddit, comments

Most of the private schools in my area were miraculously chartered the year after mandatory de-segregation. The religious fundies are an issue but never forget that it's basically an educational poll tax.
-- Safety Man!, Gin and Tacos, comments

You've never had Seasonal Affective Disorder until you've had 4.5 months of darkness Seasonal Affective Disorder.
-- Helmut Monotreme, Alicublog, comments, on being at McMurdo Station

You know what I hear, when people complain that Hillary Clinton, a private citizen, isn’t doing enough in the political sphere? “We didn’t want the woman to get the job, but now that someone else has it, we absolutely expect her to do it.”
-- Abigail Nussbaum, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

Someone fed the White House after midnight and it turned into a Kremlin.
-- @TheNardvark, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

At my mother's insistence, I went to one "session," where I met with a "counselor" who spent a good 45 minutes explaining to me that only prayer would save me from the AIDS I had contracted. I was 17 and had never had sex with anyone. My mom still thinks I have AIDS. She doesn't answer when I call.
-- Reddit user main-sequence-star, quoted in Robbie Woods, "Nightmare Stories Of People Who Were Forced To Go Through Gay Conversion Therapy.", Knowable

There are arguments to be made (albeit not necessarily equally persuasive ones) for and against unionization. You have to love the cynicism of the ruling class when it doesn't even bother making them and instead jiggles its car keys and a squeaky toy in front of labor, expecting that to convince them to give up rights and long term economic benefits. And you know what? It'll probably work.
-- Ed, "Dental Plan! Lisa Needs Braces. Dental Plan!", Gin and Tacos

I up voted that so hard the tip of my finger is sore.
-- Worriedman, Alicublog, comments

Old engineering joke: Civil engineers don’t build weapons systems. They build targets.
-- Eric Lund, Respectful Insolence, comments

Was nearly knocked over yesterday by a student in a complete fleeing panic, crying and screaming in their native language, followed by a number of other students trying to calm him down (not speaking the same native language – would have been humorous in a different setting). By the time I caught up with them they had settled him down a bit and had a staffer I recognized talking to him, so I returned to my meeting knowing he was in good hands. Found out later he had just received a text from his sister I think it was, that their parents had been picked up and were likely to be deported. Pretty sure the student was persian, possibly afghani.

As we compare notes across the institution we realize this is nearly a daily occurrence here now, intermixed with anti-semitic acts, some new adventures in misogyny, a handful of students openly calling out muslims, etc. The mood has changed. Some groups are definitely demoralized, lots of people are on edge. We are ramping up our suicide intervention efforts and preparing for violent protests.
-- Martin, Balloon Juice, comments

When I said I was black, please understand, we’ve basically have had only short periods of “not so bad” (1800-1820s, 1865-187/80s, and 1970s-present)–when we haven’t had an absolute police state on our asses. To be brave is to protest. The reason that is so, is because you have little social power vs the state, and the state (and society) is entirely willing to be murderous at the drop of the pin. You can’t and shouldn’t try to ask people “to do anything” in the service of vague ambitions. It’s their lives we’re talking about. They aren’t disposable. It’s fine to ask people to be brave, but do that understanding that there is a reason that these actions require bravery, and that you should assume some burdens, rather than make open-ended requests or demands.
-- shah8, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

Walkout fully finished basement with a wet bar including kegerator and aforementioned half bath. I'm not saying it was the ENTIRE reason I bought the house, but I'm also not saying I didn't hear an angelic chorus when I first walked into the basement either. I knew I was home.
-- KalessinDB, Reddit, comments

When white people shit in their own soup bowl, it's heartrending.
-- coozledad, Alicublog, comments

For some perspective (though little solace); during the W era, one of the especially-impoverished schools in the city near where I live decided to feed the kids both breakfast and lunch at school, for free, every day. I thought that was a great start; many of the kids come from food-insecure families, and knowing they'd get at least 2 meals a day just by showing up to school would get some of the older ones to at least…show up. You should have *heard* the whining and the carrying on in the comments section of the local paper. You would have thought handing a kid an oat bar in the morning was tantamount to buying them all Cadillacs plus season tickets at the local Sportsball Palace.
-- Katydid, Gin and Tacos, comments

The cold here is really cold. It’s hard to imagine how cold it gets. Luckily everything has heating here, even the cars. So you don’t really feel the cold unless you go outside.
-- Hassan Hussein Arafat, quoted in Ashifa Kassam and Raya Jalabi, "Syrian refugees in Canada's north: 'It’s not warm in weather, but warm in emotions '," The Guardian, on living in Whitehorse, Yukon

It's such a part of American culture to shit on the person you deem lower than you - hence the rural poor voting against their own interests in case "the blacks" might get said benefits too - that it may as well be a constitutional amendment.
-- Stephani Ann, Facebook, comments

When I finally got my chance to go help directly, we flew in on the first helo of the day and as we crossed over the shore I looked down and saw what looked like a very dirty beach. The kind with grey sand and lots of trash. I started seeing straight lines, squares, and rectangles and realized that I was looking at what used to be a town. Nothing more than a foot high was left. To this day I choke up. Hope that you never learn what devastation really means.

We went to the central staging area and the rest of the day was spent loading helos as fast as possible with as much as possible. We heaved bags of rice and jugs of water until our arms were going to fall off in 90 degree heat and 90% humidity and not a single person complained once. None of us could do enough. It wasn't possible to do enough.
-- TheTattedspyder, Reddit, comments, on the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami, in Banda Aceh

What's 21 inches long and hangs in front of an asshole?

Trump's tie.
-- Denver Myers, Alicublog, comments

It's unfortunate that people don't study history. Unions didn't just pop up out of nowhere (same with Social Security, Medicare, etc.). They were created as a response to a system that didn't work for workers or working-class people. Now, we're heading back to that system that doesn't work and it's the working class leading us there.
-- Joe Jonas, Gin and Tacos, comments

[A] lot of right-wingers use “Muslim” as their new secret replacement for the N-word, which is why so many people were consistently polled as saying that Obama was a Muslim. It wasn’t his religion they were talking about, it was his skin color.
-- Mnemosyne, Balloon Juice, comments

First, you put all government business on the Internet "to increase public access." Eventually, "to save taxpayer money" you phase out paper, fax, mail, etc, so that the only way to access government services is via the Internet. Oh, sure, you keep a few facilities open for in-person face-to-face access, but you cut those to the bone and put them where they're hard to reach. You want people to use less-expensive electronic access, and really, what taxpayer doesn't want the government to save money, right? Business of course does the same thing, often even more so. In the business world, very often, the ONLY way to access customer service is via non-real-time Internet. When's the last time you tried to find a phone number for Facebook? Or spoke to a customer service representative from your insurance company who didn't have an indecipherable foreign accent?

Eventually citizens must have access not only just in order to get vital government and commercial services, but to live their daily lives. EVERYTHING comes via this one pipe, government, business, education, employment, news, entertainment, everything. This is okay, because access is ubiquitous and cheap. But see, here's the kicker, access isn't a RIGHT.

So, THEN you make the poor choose between access ... and something critical, like healthcare. And now you know how to write a dystopian science fiction novel. But you better hurry, because it's only fiction until it becomes real.
-- Jim Wright, Facebook

Do it. Just kill me.
-- last recorded words of Shirley Lynette Ledford, tortured and killed by "The Toolbox Killers," Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris
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