June 16th, 2019


Quotes, Bad Movies and Worse Money Edition

[I]n an ideal world, there would be gay party hacks across the board. No good reason why center-right parties should be deprived of loyal people with a variety of orientations.
-- Richard Hoch, Facebook, comments

I was ready for a woman President in 1972 when, as an 8 year-old suburban white boy, I was mesmerized by Shirley Chisholm, the first black female candidate for President. Why is it taking so many people so long to catch up to that little boy who had so much hope 47 years ago?
-- @AlwaysShanePS, Twitter, comments

I remember getting hit on the head with the plane.
-- QF 72 passenger Caroline Southcott, interviewed in "Australia Saturday Night: Qantas flight 72"

Oh, luck. Luck! You always need a bit of luck, you know (laughs) in any emergency.
-- Captain (Ret.) Michael Lloyd, interviewed in "Australia Saturday Night: Mayday: True terror on board the Viking Sky cruise ship"

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