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Quotes, Oh For ^#*&$@!!! Sake I Am Going To Go Bury My Head In My Pillows For the Next Month Edition

We are not immune to hatred in this country. But we will always always always stand up to it together.
-- @nenshi, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

His bizarre story about his identity is neither here nor there. You can be Captain America if you choose to be; it's a free country.
-- Lt. (Ret.) Joe Kenda, "Homicide Hunter: My Worst Fear"

"And Delta 346 heavy, turn right heading 92.415 degrees, contact departure 127.45, good-day!"
"Huh? What? Right to what and, uh, well. Can we get direct?"
-- Derelict, Alicublog, comments

Wingnuts crack me up with their accusations of socialism. By their definition Reagan was a socialist.
-- Guy Chapman, Facebook, comments

These people couldn’t run a two-car funeral.
-- Washington governor Jay Inslee, quoted in Bob Young and Tyrone Beason, "Inslee and other officials denounce immigrant ban ‘train wreck’," The Seattle Times, on the Trump Administration

We could never organize ourselves into a massive conspiracy. Seriously. We'd get stuck in the 'naming ourselves' stage.
-- @cricketcrocker, Twitter, on scientists

It's very difficult to say why conspiracies fall apart, but they always do. Somebody always comes forward.
-- Lt. (Ret.) Joe Kenda, "Homicide Hunter: My Worst Fear"

He rich enough that we don’t call it dementia. People like him are just “eccentric.” Also rich people aren’t megalomaniacs, they’re just “driven” and “visionary.”
-- sigaba, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

[S]he was welcomed by a group of sponsors who sheepishly call themselves the Superfriends.
-- Mark Mann, "The Man Who Saved 200 Syrian Refugees," Toronto Life

What gets me is this truly sincere "We expected the Democrats to save us from that part!" insanity going on. They really believed we are all powerful, completely pulling the strings of government. And still believe it, despite the fact that the Democratic party lies busted in the middle of the road for all to see.
-- LittlePig, Alicublog, comments

Guy: Your boobs are amazing. Me: Thanks, I grew them myself.
-- @anymysha, Twitter

An interview that Trump gave to Playboy in 1990 has just come to my attention. If I’m the last to know about it, forgive me. Trump was asked about Gorbachev — who was nearing the end of his time in power. Trump said, “Russia is out of control and the leadership knows it. That’s my problem with Gorbachev. Not a firm enough hand.” His interviewer asked, “You mean firm hand as in China?” Trump answered, “When the students poured into Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government almost blew it. Then they were vicious, they were horrible, but they put it down with strength. That shows you the power of strength. Our country is right now perceived as weak … as being spit on by the rest of the world –”
-- Charles C.W. Cooke, "Trump Isn’t Upset by the Obama Era, He’s Always Been a Wannabe Mussolini," The Corner

The White House statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day didn't mention Jews or anti-Semitism because "despite what the media reports, we are an incredibly inclusive group and we took into account all of those who suffered," administration spokeswoman Hope Hicks told CNN on Saturday.
-- Jake Tapper, "No mention of Jews on Holocaust Remembrance Day because others were killed too," CNN

Spite is increasingly its own reward for a huge chunk of the population.
-- CP, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

In aviation there is a phenomenon of high-powered people (doctors, executives, etc.) buying high-performance aircraft and then crashing them because "I can run at $50-million corporation so I can goddamn well fly this airplane without any instruction!" Their self-proclaimed expertise litters the landscape and keeps funeral homes busy.

True. The beechcraft bonanza was called the "doctor killer" for good reason.

I believe the Bonanza's full name was The Fork-Tailed Doctor Killer.
-- Derelict, Nelson, and satch, Alicublog, comments

My ass could break the Internet too. I just have to sit on the router.
-- @mediocregandhi, Twitter

When Blotchy was diagnosed with diabetes, I used to make sure he and only he got his special food by locking him in the bathroom alone. I became suspicious something was up when he failed to put on any weight while Groucho grew increasingly plump. Turned out Groucho would head into the bathroom about five minutes before dinner and lock himself in a cupboard, emerging to eat Blotchy's food once I was gone.
-- James Nicoll, Facebook, comments

[C]all a Canadian government scientist these days and you’re likely to get a swift response and a freewheeling conversation that has the feel of a long-held breath being exhaled. Rock snot, dystopian climate novels, sickly salmon—Canada could well set up a toll-free number that would let all these scientists release years of pent-up chatter about their work.
-- Shannon Proudfoot, "Unmuzzled government scientists are ready to talk," Maclean's

The catalyst for me quitting smoking was when I once accidentally flicked a cigarette into the bird bath in my backyard. The very next day there was a bird belly up in the bird bath.
-- Attezz, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

I get to rub up against the common volk, the salt of the earth, the WWC and its companion the unemployed and unemployable White refuses-to-work class. The people are horrifying. Aggressively ignorant with senses of entitlement that put most rich kids to shame, they're always the victims of things beyond their control. Like getting arrested for petty crimes, or getting pregnant at age 14, or dropping out of school at age 15--not because you had to work to help support the family but because your family started worrying about you putting on airs because you're becoming too smart, or deciding that it's a really good idea to show off your street cred by beating your girlfriend senseless, or breaking into the neighbor's house and drinking all their booze so that the police find you nearly comatose on the kitchen floor. Yeah, I have a really hard time connecting with these people.
-- Derelict, Alicublog, comments

Saying "Ivanka is Jewish so Trump can't do anything anti-Semitic" is like saying "Ivanka is a woman so he can't do anything misogynistic."
-- @Yair_Rosenberg, Twitter

Being an American, I was born and raised here, to have the first question that comes out of the attorney's mouth is, 'Are they Christian?' It kind of hurts. Because yes, we are Christian. But at the same time, as an American I would never think there was a prerequisite of, 'are you Christian, or are you Muslim?' before we could help you.
-- Sarah Assali, quoted in Bobby Allyn, "Family of six Syrians who were detained at Philly airport and sent back: 'How much can one family take?'," NewsWorks

No no no no no....please, Canada, stay your amazing and civilized selves where disputes are best left to slamming people in ice hockey and eating maple cookies...I love that the stereotypes of Canada are of absolute politeness and dignity. Don't let the fear, anger, violence and ignorance of the US be your biggest imports. Be better. Do better. Love and appreciate one another. We are in desperate need of all Canada stands for in the world; no one can generate more joy, love, and appreciation for all quite like you do.
-- Hildegard von Bingen, Facebook, comments

The most eerie thing was, where I parked my car, there were thirty-seven ambulances standing, waiting for survivors. The real tragedy of Lockerbie was, that they waited in vain.
-- media correspondent David Ben-Aryeah, quoted in "Survivors: Lockerbie"

So I suppose the good news is that we can answer Shaun's question fairly straightforwardly, because this has been done before and we do know what it looks like. We don't quite have the right expertise in the US, because none of our past mass-deportation efforts were quite at this scale per month; the transatlantic slave trade moved roughly this many people over three centuries, the Trail of Tears moved only about 16,500 people, and the internment of Japanese civilians during WWII only about 110,000. But outside the US, there's much more experience with it; probably the world's top expert on it was Adolf Eichmann (1906-1962), who ran a program very much like this which managed to move people at about this rate.

Trump's team may be interested in checking him out; there's a tremendous amount written about his system, I'm sure it would be very helpful. And as I noted in a comment below, the design of this program really wasn't easy; they had to iterate through quite a lot of trial solutions before they could come up with a final one. You should always save work by studying prior art when you can.
-- Yonatan Zunger, Google+ post, on Shaun King's question, "What do you think it would look like, practically speaking, for Trump to 'round up' 450,000 immigrants per month and 'ship them off'?"

Intelligence is accurately knowing how dumb you are.
-- weismanjake, Twitter

I had to play God. It was like encountering a thousand beggars. Who do you help? How do you choose who starves?
-- Danby CEO Jim Estill, quoted in Mark Mann, "The Man Who Saved 200 Syrian Refugees," Toronto Life

He said he had all the best words, he didn’t say he knew how to use them. Maybe, when he bought them, they didn’t come with instructions.
-- Brautigan, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

Those who purposefully misremember history are doomed to be assholes.
-- Fats Durston, Alicublog, comments

Canada was the first nuclear-capable state to renounce nukes. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
-- Mark Shainblum, Facebook, comments

The utter villainy that goes into enacting a massive refugee ban on Holocaust Remembrance Day is mind-boggling.
-- @ParkerMolloy, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

Transporting people is much harder than it sounds. 450,000 people per month is a lot; even with serious packing, you can only fit about 80 people into a standard boxcar or truck; a typical modern train might have 140 boxcars or so, which means it can only transport about 11,000 people, and loading them takes time. Unfortunately, people are somewhat scattered out, so if you want this to work, you'll need to use trucks and so on to deliver people to staging areas, where you can store them for a while until a train is ready. Fortunately, there's a lot of prior art on how to concentrate people in a small space while they're getting ready to be loaded on trains.
-- Yonatan Zunger, Google+ post, on Shaun King's question, "What do you think it would look like, practically speaking, for Trump to 'round up' 450,000 immigrants per month and 'ship them off'?"

You met with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on December 7, 2016, at Trump Tower while you were President-elect, but now as President, you negatively and nastily tweet at him about serious public issues. Did you somehow lose his phone number, and now can only communicate by tweeting AT him, rather than talking TO him? You may find this surprising, but that Twitter machine that is apparently surgically attached to your hand also has a number of other fascinating features -- it really is a PHONE that you can TALK to people with and communicate that way as well.
-- former Philadelphia mayor Michael A. Nutter, "President Trump, we know what you're up to," CNN

"I'm shocked, shocked to find that racism is going on in this establishment!"
"Your Muslim ban, sir."
"Oh, thank you."
-- AngryWarthogBreath, Alicublog, comments

*sips sljivovica* Is work out good, yes? To vote man who sound like Ustase for President of America, yes? Is big surprise he act like Cossack asshole, yes? *sips again* Ivars said. You not listen. Now, is fuck cluster.
-- Gin and Tacos, Facebook

I stress about stress before there's even stress to stress about.
-- @invalid, Twitter

Someone asked us at a party once what our “parenting philosophy” was, and I said something like, “we are hoping to keep her from electrocuting herself until we can send her to college.”
-- Allison Hantschel, "Three, or A List of Things, In No Particular Order, My Daughter Says Now," First Draft

Holocaust denial is alive and well in the highest offices of the United States. It is being spread by those in President Trump’s innermost circle. It may have all started as a mistake by a new administration that is loath to admit it’s wrong. Conversely, it may be a conscious attempt by people with anti-Semitic sympathies to rewrite history. Either way it is deeply disturbing.
-- Deborah Lipstadt, "The Trump Administration's Flirtation With Holocaust Denial," The Atlantic

Many are the roads to asshole.
-- LittlePig, Alicublog, comments

I cried when Obama came and took my guns it was a sad day and my children were so upset because a gun is like a pet and Joe Biden was laughing and Michelle Obama just gave the kids broccoli and they wouldn't even let me hug my Glock goodbye but they said they'd take him to a farm upstate and I really hope he's happy now.
-- Paul Bagosy, Facebook, comments

This administration is formulating policy by floating trial Hindenburgs #FlamingNaziGasbags
-- @Anton_P_Nym, Twitter

Al-Tameemi recalled watching border guards rifle through his bags, inspecting every belonging. Once, an officer demanded to know where Al-Tameemi’s Quran was and didn’t seem to grasp the response that he wasn’t particularly religious and, besides, most Muslims didn’t go about their daily lives toting the sacred book. He also insisted that Al-Tameemi divulge his “tribal name” and refused to believe that an Iraqi might not use one.

Sometimes, Al-Tameemi said, officers try to trip him up in questioning. They’ll ask about “the last time” he was in Syria instead of asking whether he’s ever been. He tells them he’s never visited Syria. They’ll move on to other questions and then ask, “So, when again was the last time you were in Syria?”
-- Hannah Allam, "How Trump’s immigration order affects one Iraqi family," McClatchy DC [One time when a friend and I were trying to cross the US border from Canada, the customs officer asked us "When was the last time you were in jail?" --?!]

A pickup arrived, with a farmer driving it. And as he got out, I saw that he was in tears. He went round to the back of the pickup, lifted up the tarpaulin, and carried out the body of a child that could be no more than three. He walked into the mortuary, handed the body in, came out, and picked up another body of a child.
-- media correspondent David Ben-Aryeah, quoted in "Survivors: Lockerbie"

If there is anything short of valium that will send you to dreamland faster than a purring cat in contact, kindly let me know of it.
-- danielx, Balloon Juice, comments

[My husband] prefers picking up one Nazi and using him as the blunt instrument to beat another Nazi. "It was a horrible pedestrian accident, officer. Can you imagine the speeds that they were moving?"
-- Stacey Van Keuren, Facebook, comments

The danger for any citizenry is when they believe experts know less than them, complex problems are simple, and easy ideas are solutions.
-- @kurteichenwald, Twitter
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