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Quotes, It's Always Nazi-Punching O'Clock Edition

Some unusual reduplication of sources in this one, folks, sorry, but them's how they falls out this time.

In Soviet Russia pussy grabs you.
-- gocart mozart, Alicublog, comments

Irony, hell. Hypocrisy is dead.
-- LittlePig, Alicublog, comments

I'm not watching the inauguration bc Reifenstahl's version was perfect and I'm sick of these damn Hollywood remakes
-- @meakoopa, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

Re-defining the word "success" to mean "accomplishing whatever I did" is so much easier than actually succeeding. So. Much. Easier.
-- SeaTea, Gin and Tacos

The other side in this argument are lying fucks who can twist any piece of information into a swastika-shaped balloon animal if you engage them in good faith; lacking a piece of information, they’ll just make shit up. Might as well punch a Nazi.
-- "On The Propriety Of Punching Nazis, An FAQ," Thoughts On The Dead

Go raise some hell. Shove in the fascists’ stupid faces.
-- Erik Loomis, 1/1461, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

I was just over at Wonkette, and accidentally typed Nerosyphilis in a comment.
-- coozledad, Alicublog, comments

Is it just fucking weird and alarming that our soon to be president has never had a pet? He didn't raise his own kids, either. That all just says sociopath to me. Everything is a transaction to him, and if you're not giving, you probably barely even exist in his world.
-- D Sidhe, Alicublog, comments

Moms of the future: "And if all your Twitter followers told you to jump off the Empire State Building, would you do that too?"
-- @Yair_Rosenberg, Twitter

Pull your 44-Magnum-calibre carbine on me, asshole, and let's see what happens.
-- Lt. (Ret.) Joe Kenda, "Homicide Hunter: Officer Down"

Took a wrong turn? Be sure to slam the door on your head on your way out.
-- Richard Popeye Schonfeld, Facebook, comments

His business empire is one of those rolling credit schemes where he always has to get more credit to stay afloat. There's every indication (see the Economist and TalkingPointsMemo for the reporting) that he's worth less than a billion. If he had to divest, he couldn't pay off his debts and he'd be bankrupt. The Presidency, on the other hand, is a golden opportunity for graft that will finally put him ahead. He'll make whatever international agreements refill his accounts. If we knew what was — and was not — in his accounts we could predict perfectly what his foreign "policy" will be.
-- quixote, Gin and Tacos

I'm going to throw this one out there: National unity remains elusive because I hate these fundamentally dishonest assholes' guts. I look back -- when even at the time, I couldn't stand him -- at a guy like Bob Dole and now think, "hey, he may have been a decrepit asshole and Nixonite henchman who tirelessly worked for mostly bad things...BUT he supported Social Security and has proof he was actually anti-Nazi." Like that's an excuse for anything. I survived my youth despite the fact that I was angry all the time, but I pine for those days where there was some bland veneer of agreed-upon reality off which we could formally hate each other. It's a billion times more exasperating now when trolling though a Facebook page and read some asshole dismissing the entire concept of communication as "fake news" as if objective, demonstrable reality is just someone's bias.
-- Jay B., Alicublog, comments

Shitty white people will love watching other people suffer. And they'll blame their own crushing poverty on Obama.

The welfare state is so 20th century anyway.
-- coozledad and J--, Alicublog, comment

ah #RobFord. Remember when he was the bar for embarrassing politicians? Good times.
-- @geekyginge, Twitter, comments, h/t anton_p_nym

Not sure who to root for there. They should probably just punch each other until I make up my mind.
-- wjts, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

While abortion is outlawed by the Palestinian government, there is no punishment for women who end their own pregnancies: This has led to the spread of at-home abortion methods, such as jumping off of staircases or inserting sharp instruments into the body. Last November, a woman in Nablus died from internal bleeding after she tried to end her pregnancy by having her young son jump on her belly, according to Ali Shaar, a Palestinian physician who works as the national program officer for reproductive health at the U.N. Population Fund’s assistance program for the Palestinians.

Abortion is illegal in most of the Middle East, but what sets Palestinian women apart from those in other Arab countries is that they live just several miles — sometimes less than one mile — from a country where abortion is completely legal, easily accessible, and even government-funded. “The Palestinian Authority is basically encouraging unsafe abortions,” says Amina Stavridis, director of the Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association (PFFPA), a Jerusalem-based non-profit organization.
-- Yardena Schwartz, "Palestine's Abortion Problem," Foreign Policy

[T]he world seems to be full of people who think you can improve a watch with a sledgehammer
-- Paul Crowley, Facebook, comments

[T]he confidence game which has been run by Goopers and Glibertarians during the last 36-years-and-change depends, like all confidence games, on confidence, but the uncomfortable wrinkle here is that Jonah [Goldberg] is no longer willing to abide by the condition that his mentors in the game win by first winning the confidence of their marks. Now the marks are supposed to deliver up their confidence the way people pay taxes, as a matter of obligation and fiat. The even-more- disquieting double-fold is that the fiat is fiat-by-pundit, and the coup de grâce is that Jonah isn't the only conservative pundit making this play.
-- bekabot, Alicublog, comments they were born yesterday and slow for their age.
-- Roy Edroso, "IDay Notes," Alicublog

If you want to make any nation great, pour resources into education and health care. Great nations are made out of amazing, healthy humans. Not made "by" amazing, healthy humans, mind you. A nation IS the humans, not the things they build.
-- @howardtayler, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym, two tweets

The Baltics are allies and members of NATO. An attack on one member of NATO is an attack on ALL members of NATO. It's the basis for peace and stability in Europe post WWII. If we allow Russia to "reclaim" those parts of their Empire (as Putin "makes Russia an Empire again") NATO collapses and the EU suddenly has to re-arm themselves, which they will do in spades and the US loses whatever hard power they have as the rest of the world starts a cycle of brinkmanship that eventually leads to "hot" spots like Vietnam. Sounds awful.
-- Khaled, Gin and Tacos

God, it’s such a pain entering the US. I did that recently, two weeks ago. I was going to Fermilab (Chicago area) for a one-week long data analysis school, and the immigration officer just kept asking questions and demanding documents I’m pretty sure I didn’t need (Fermilab, huh? Do you have any letter from them inviting you here?). In the end I was given a tourist entry stamp instead of a business one, so I couldn’t even get a temporary Fermilab badge. Luckily, it didn’t matter for the school, but still, quite a humiliating experience. I also did not appreciate him answering my “Good evening” with “Hi”, that’s way too intimate for someone who can deny me entry to the country and turn the whole trip into a big waste of time (or worse). But that’s probably just cultural. Do they just assume all foreigners try to enter the US for nefarious purposes or do they just enjoy the power trip?
-- sonamib, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

Stavridis often grows angry when speaking about the Palestinian government, which she believes uses the conflict with Israel as an excuse to ignore women’s rights. “Giving us our rights as women is under the Palestinian Authority’s [PA] control,” she says. “They can create a solution. This is at least one thing they do have control over.” Drinking is also against Islam, she points out. “Yet the PA has public programs for people with drinking problems,” she said. “Probably because most of the alcoholics are men…. Sure, they passed a law last year to make punishment for honor killing the same as murder, but in practice it hasn’t been implemented.”
-- Yardena Schwartz, "Palestine's Abortion Problem," Foreign Policy

So, I guess after all the National Parks have been strip-mined, Public Broadcasting has been sold off to Fox, any art or culture that may have been publicly funded has been auctioned to the lowest bidder and the unhealthy, smoldering, ignorant civilization that will inhabit the hell that will be former United States will also be the fault of the liberals. Because we didn't stop these fucking people from acting on their basest instincts or some such shit. Sometimes I finally want to buy a pistol just so I can put it my mouth and pull the trigger. The living will envy the dead...
-- Brother Yam, Alicublog, comments

The massive conservative noise machine told them conservative voices were silenced. Yep.

Bingo. Rush often spends his three hours a day on hundreds of radio stations whining about how conservative voices are silenced.
-- Pere Ubu and GeniusLemur, Alicublog, comments

The lesson of WWI -- that globalization and rising prosperity can be destroyed by foolish decisions -- needs to be remembered in 2017.
-- @dgardener, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

I bought my boss two copies of The Mythical Man Month so that he could read it twice as fast.
-- @rkoutnik, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

From the status of a real-life friend who marched in DC yesterday -- i'd call this "instant karma" : "So I think I've just enjoyed my first benefit from a Trump presidency. I got upgraded to a penthouse suite because the previous occupants of my assigned room were inauguration partiers who wrecked it. The desk guy couldn't tell me what happened. He just shuddered. Twice."
-- Richard Hoch, Facebook

You know the GOP has been morally bankrupt for so damn long that I think we sometimes forget just how indisputably, genuinely horrible some of these people really are. I mean seriously, take a step back, put on your spectacles and take a closer look: a bunch of people who are supposed to be public servants are going to kick 20,000,000 off health insurance (literally killing tens of thousands of them) because their wealthy backers are incensed about a %4 tax increase on investment income. They are going to kill thousands and return us to a state where people regularly die because they’re poor.
-- JdLaverty, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

There's a special place in hell awaiting Rupert Murdoch, an immigrant who devoted his life to telling middle class people that they were being screwed over by poor people, and the solution was to let rich people keep more of their money.
-- ky-jellydonuts, Alicublog, comments

These guys don't piss on you and tell you it's raining - they blow smoke up your ass and tell you it's raining.
-- jennofark, Alicublog, comments

In February 2014, [Peter] Piot returned to Yambuku for only the second time since 1976, to mark his 65th birthday. He met Sukato Mandzomba, one of the few who caught the virus in 1976 and survived. "It was fantastic to meet him again, it was a very moving moment," says Piot. Back then, Mandzomba was a nurse in the local hospital and could speak French so the pair had managed to build up a rapport. "He's still living in Yambuku and still working in the hospital - he's now running the lab there and it's impeccable. I was really impressed," Piot says.
-- Rob Brown, "The virus detective who discovered Ebola in 1976," BBC News

Public education is the last unifying force in our country. For the greatest generation there was also the draft and service in the military. Now if we dont go to school together, we will segregate our selves along racial and religious and economic lines even more than we do now. Allowing federal money to go to private schools will damage public education and will divide us for generations.
-- Rural Kansan, Washington Post, comments

Dialogue is for reasonable people acting in good faith. Dialogue is between two acceptable positions. “Taxes need to be raised” vs. “taxes need to be lowered” is grounds for dialogue. “Taxes need to be raised” vs. “Jews should be thrown in ovens” is grounds for a beating.
-- "On The Propriety Of Punching Nazis, An FAQ," Thoughts On The Dead

I heard an interview with one such Canadian on the CBC’s As It Happens. It was made very clear to him through conversations he overheard and participated in that the staff at the border crossing had gotten together and decided to stop Canadians planning to peacefully protest, with the official explanation being something about harming the US by bringing it into disrepute. They’re not just turned back, either: they’re fingerprinted and it goes on file, and it wasn’t clear to me whether the affected Canadians can enter the US at a later date. Not surprised BP agents would do this.Just like cops, there is a group that probably went over 90 percent for Trump.
-- Warren Terra, rfm, and wengler, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

They really expect democrats/libs to acquiesce -in the name of unity- when Social Security is handed over the Wall Street, Medicare and Madicaid are made into "block grant" systems (aka: give all the money directly to your pals), FEMA dismantled, NASA defunded, NATO abandoned.... deeeep sigh. Yes, they DO.
-- KatWillow, Alicublog, comments

Conceptually, 'facts' did not exist before about 500 years ago, give or take. Since then the concept of a 'consensus reality' has been an essential assumption of anything involving reasoning - ya gotta start somewhere. As Justice Lewis Powell recommended in the early '70s(though I don't think he meant it to work out this way), conservatives needed an alternate media source, to put their spin on arguments. That is perfectly well and fine - adversarial argumentation is the life blood of reasoning. However, at some point, instead of the spin on a fact (an object of 'consensus reality'), they changed the facts.
-- LittlePig, Alicublog, comments

Fascism wriggles into democracies by insisting on right to be heard, achieves critical mass, then dissolves the organs that installed it.
-- @meakoopa, Twitter, h/t dglenn

One of the GOP's tricks is defunding data gathering aspects of programs. Without data, it's hard to argue for continuation of the program.
-- @leahmcelrath, Twitter [See 'Stephen Harper and the long-form census' -- ?!]

It starts with family planning, and many women don’t use family planning because it’s not their choice. What often happens is that the man wants a baby and the woman doesn’t, and then she wants an abortion and that’s her only option for family planning.
-- UNRWA West Bank health program head Dr. Umaiyeh Khammash, quoted in Yardena Schwartz, "Palestine's Abortion Problem," Foreign Policy

We serve all our clients without discriminating against what they do or where they do it. We’d be more than happy to help Mr. Trump dress better—because at the end of the day, we all have to look at him.
-- Savile row tailor Edward Sexton creative director/cutter Dominic Sebag-Montefiore, quoted in Ellie Shechet, "What Is Up With Trump's Ill-Fitting Suits? A World-Famous London Bespoke Tailor Explains," Jezebel, The Slot

In the 1930s, when fascism was gaining in many countries, it was an honorable American tradition to beat up Nazis. It’s only okay to beat up Nazis if everybody agrees it’s okay, because then it’s fundamentally apolitical. The problem in the current crisis is Republicans have succeeded in politicizing anti-fascism.
-- AlanInSF, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

My argument to my colleagues would be, ahm, that the crucial thing is to prevent transmission of the disease, and to prevent people dying. ... And the interesting thing is, the fact that we've had needle exchanges has kept transmission from the use of shared needles. That has been a very, very small part of the problem in the UK ever since. If you continue to have shared needles, then people go on dying.
-- Thatcher government Social Services Secretary Norman Fowler, interviewed in "Frontline: The Age of AIDS"

Major Depression, General Anxiety, Private Distress - fucking military all over the fucking gray matter today
-- TGuerrant, Alicublog, comments

Next on CNN: Pat Buchanon's Der Sturmer Hour. Brought to you by KK Kleanser. When you need the whitest of whites, these colors don't run!
-- Derelict, Alicublog, comments

It always fascinates me how so many people who feel empowered to opine on Israel/Palestine, whatever their views, know so little about it
-- @Yair_Rosenberg, Twitter

A lot of people seem to be getting hung up on the "is it right to punch Nazis in the face?" question. I think the much more important question is "are we punching Nazis in the face _enough_?"

Or how are there still Nazis?
-- Strider and kaydenpat, Alicublog, comments

[The Belgian missionaries] had already lost four of their colleagues to the disease. They were praying and waiting for death.
-- Peter Piot, quoted in Rob Brown, "The virus detective who discovered Ebola in 1976," BBC News

Purportedly a crowd of 5000 in Calgary, which is pretty good for anything here. Also all six of the Canadians for Trump turned up in the smallest and saddest counter protest I’ve ever seen.
-- Tristan, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

The subject matter is so obscene, so revolting, that every Christian religious moral ethic within me cries out to do something. This is embarrassing for me to stand here on the Senate floor. ... The President opened the book [distributed by a New York gay men's health organization, partially using federal funds], looked at a couple of pages, closed it up and shook his head, and hit his desk, and I hit this podium with the same feeling of revulsion and disgust. ... Until we are ready to discourage and do our dead level best to eliminate the types of activities which have caused the spread of the AIDS epidemic, I don't believe we're ever going to solve it.
-- former Senator Jesse Helms, archival footage in "Frontline: The Age of AIDS"

And here we have it: Alternative Facts. I have to admit, this is definitely a new one, a fresh nadir. I wonder how even the true believers are going to contend with Trump and his spokesbot telling them right to their faces "We are lying to you."
-- Derelict, Alicublog, comments

The main thing to understand about propaganda is that it works.
-- Buddy McCue, Alicublog, comments

As they left they shouted "Adieu." In French, people say "Au Revoir" to say "See you again," but when they say "Adieu" - well, that's like saying, "We'll never see you again."
-- Peter Piot, quoted in Rob Brown, "The virus detective who discovered Ebola in 1976," BBC News

Remember that when a Nazi is musing over racial cleansing, they are not saying "I am not violent". They're saying "I'm not violent YET".
-- @Froregade, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

you know you're at a canadian protest when half of the signs are being held up with hockey sticks
-- @_amandaajc, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

What many people fail to understand is that in Baltic states you have large Russian populations who watch Russian media telling them that these little states aren't really sovereign, that their independence is a joke, etc., etc. In Ukraine it's even worse. They say Ukraine was "invented" by the Poles, the Austrians, the Americans, Lenin, etc. Many Putin supporters simply can't understand that these are sovereign nations and nobody wants to be part of their empire of corruption and thievery. Every neighbor of Russia that can escape its orbit does so. Even Belarus is constantly trying to push Westward in its relations. Central Asian republics largely prefer China, because China gets results.
-- Kovpakistan, Gin and Tacos

Today is the last day that Barack Obama will be our President. I want to personally thank him for changing my life. I am a legally-married woman because of him, and so is my wife.
-- Ellen Degeneris, "Ellen's Tribute to the Obamas," YouTube

The fate of many of our public institutions may now lie in the hands of the mid-level career employees who have authority but are too low-profile to fire outright and replace with loyalists. We can only hope they're smart and, yes, brave enough to keep doing their thing to the best of their abilities. It's your time to shine, middle management.

Really, it boils down to now is the time for civil disobedience. Trump and whatever nutcases he packs onto the SCOTUS must have their pronouncements ignored and flouted in order for our country to continue on as a Western civilization.

This. Our agency got a bunch of W-appointed incompetents in key places, including a person who was supposed to liaise with the (unmourned) "Office of Faith-Based Initiatives." The operational mid-level staff, who know how the place really works, created an extra level of bureaucracy to keep them from doing something dangerous, all backed up by statutes. When President Obama took over the extra level of bureaucracy went away as if by magic.
-- Strider, Law, and redoubtagain, Alicublog, comments

Under Reagan, the chair of the National Transportation Safety Board kept getting handed to Reagan campaign donors who were complete morons. Agency field personnel quickly learned to work around these fools, shunting them off to outlying luxury hotels during major accident investigations, then handing them carefully worded scripts to read during post-accident press conferences.

OTOH, the FEMA people under Michael Brown were unable to do the same, but I suspect that's because Bush the Dumber had so cut their budget that there just wasn't much they could do to implement the plans they had to deal with the disasters that befell America under Dubya. I guess we'll see how it works this time around--especially since Trump has appointed agency heads who have all sworn that the agencies they now lead should not even exist.
-- Derelict, Alicublog, comments

What about the brave labradoodles biting Nazis, and the tabby cats scratching them, and the sentient quadratic equations confusing them on math class?
-- Thoughts On The Dead, Thoughts On The Dead, comments

In my school, we were taught that George Custer was a martyr sacrificed to the savages.
-- @savvyliterate, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

New phrase for "lies" - just heard it "alternative facts". Orwell wert thou liviing at this hour...
-- @BobRae48 (former NDP leader Bob Rae), Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

In my time on the P.D. I buried seven friends of mine, who went down in the line. Did people remember? Some do. Some never forget. They're on the wall. They chose to be on that wall. I was there with them. I'd go back tomorrow, but it's a young man's game...and I'm no longer young.
-- Lt. (Ret.) Joe Kenda, "Homicide Hunter: Officer Down"

I wanted to be a Jew since I was a little girl. When I found out there was a way for me to join the Jewish people, I was all in. I converted when I was 19. I didn’t tell my family right away. When I did, all hell broke loose. That Christmas, my mom demanded I get a tree. I refused. I bought a Menorah. She outed me as a Jew, a lesbian and a vegan to the far reaches of relatives I never knew existed. I received phone calls and visits from preachers. My relatives sent me cards and letters. They prayed for me and cried over my lost soul. Then they got nasty. Hell, hath no fury like a family scorned.
-- Diana Emuna Rubin, "The Outing of Ivanka," Times of Israel blogs

I have delivered a refrigerator to the control room of Arkansas Nuclear One. They looked everywhere, scanned us, mirrors for under the delivery truck, the whole nine yards, and it was delivered. At no time in this process did anyone ever look inside the refrigerator. 20 cubic feet, what could be in there anyway? Oy.
-- LittlePig, Alicublog, comments

I'm going to send my senators an email that we should resolve that every year on his birthday, Buzz [Aldrin] gets to punch all the Nazis he wants. Same with Chuck Yeager.
-- ky-jellydonuts, Alicublog, comments

When I "signed up" to be a volunteer with my local Trump campaign I got put onto a whole bunch of other email lists, one of which is run by a local racist (funny, eh?) He was requesting that his operatives infiltrate the march and bring pepper spray to protect themselves against what he assured us would be violent left-wing protestors. He also suggested that no one "take matters into their own hands at the moment" but that soon enough, when they had sufficient numbers, they would do so in the future (ie, commit acts of violence to show how violent the left is).
-- Jimcima, Alicublog, comments

when someone's goal is genocide and power, please do not assume they are operating by robert's rules of debate
"you must be THISSSSS close to concentration camps before you can fight back" is not great tactically, or morally
-- @spacetwinks, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

You don’t wait to defend yourselves until you are standing naked in the shower room.
-- Mick Magill, Thoughts On The Dead, comments

My grandfathers punched Nazis. As did my grandmothers at home. It's a family tradition.
-- @FredKiesche, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

There was a convention, a Republican state party convention here in Southern California; I don't remember what year, but very early on in the epidemic, and they had a bumper strip that said "AIDS: It's Killing All The Right People."
-- Names Project founder Cleve Jones, interviewed in "Frontline: The Age of AIDS"
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