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Wednesday, June 29th, 2016
9:21 pm
Updatey Thingy
So, in the last week I've had an impromptu interview with a tech firm here in Whitebreadville (results uncertain but may involve a job coming open in 6 weeks or so), found out that there's another job come open at a place where I apparently was the #2 by a noselength-behind candidate shortly after VLITC laid me off, got contacted out of the blue by a TW who remembered me from an interview I went to at a company in Waterloo around the same time, saying she has resigned from the company and wants to know if I want to put my resume in (I think in her case it's burnout), and gotten a call from the Green Bank asking if I want to come to Mississauga next week for an interview. Dang.

I love it when things come to me...

Current Mood: tired
12:17 am
Quotes, Rule What Now? Edition
At what point is it incumbent on Canada to invade England to restore stability and order?
-- @Aaron Wherry, Twitter

I often wish our betters were... I don't know, better.
-- Buddy McCue, Alicublog, comments

The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the talmid; now I am the rebbe.
-- Ashley Blaker, Facebook, comments

[A]s the diet of rich people improves, they have become less fatty. Give me a pulled prole sandwich any day.
-- Tom, Gin and Tacos, comments

I am deathly afraid of needles so I got laughing gas before getting put out when getting my wisdom teeth removed. My Indian dentist was testing how out of it I was to see if it was okay to put the needle in me and asked, "How high are you?" really meaning, "How tall are you?". I'm a stoner so my natural response was "I'M HIGH AS FUCK DUDE!". Gave him a little laugh that day.
-- Reddit user prebreeze, from David Karrel, "26 Of The Most Embarrassing Things People Have Said Under Anesthesia. Is This Real Life?", Pref

A much less scary cut!Collapse )

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Tuesday, June 28th, 2016
1:26 pm
The Funniest Offensive Joke I've Ever Seen
This cartoon uses the signifiers of racism to make fun of racism. It's funny.

And offensive. Don"t click if you don"t want to see it. Contains blurred offensive term.Collapse )

Current Mood: annoyed
Monday, June 27th, 2016
1:52 pm
Health nerdiness, because I am a nerd
I have my first-ever neurologist's appointment today, and I'm oddly excited. I don't know what she'll be able to tell me or do for me, if anything, but I've got a list of questions, and I'm eager to see. If nothing else, seeing her will eliminate one bureaucratic hoop standing between me and an OHIP-paid visit to the specialist adult CP clinic in NYC.

Current Mood: excited
Sunday, June 26th, 2016
6:20 pm
Random Current Events Thoughts
1. The more I look at Boris Johnson (G-d help me), the uglier he gets. I'd never quite noticed before that he has tiny little piggy eyes that are set entirely too close together. Also, he needs to either grow his hair out properly long, or cut his bangs (fringe) so he doesn't look so much like one of those pencils you could get back in the 80s that you could spin and the hair on top would floof out like mad.

2. I may have to join Twitter, because the stuff going on over there of late is just way too much fun. *sigh*

3. I hope that Jeremy Corbyn, the guy who described people from Hamas and Hezbollah as "friends," and who hung around with an admitted Holocaust denier long past the time he should have dropped him like he was hot (despite his denials of the same), winds up losing his job and someoene who isn't a flake takes over.

4. If I had any spare cash right now, I'd be buying pounds. Even if I had to hold on to them for quite a while, doubtless the pound will rebound sooner or later, and then...hypothetical profit.
1:44 pm
Secession and Confederation, 1995 Counterfactual
Not that it was remotely the same situation, but the Brexit vote was giving me flashbacks to the 1995 Quebec referendum -- the same sort of helpless apprehension that people (who weren't you) were voting for something that would have big implications for you and your country.

I especially wondered if, should Quebec have voted to leave, Canada would kind of fall apart, since there would be no contiguous land bridge between central and western Canada and the Maritimes, and it would surely empower the Albertan separatists as well, in which case, Canada would have probably wound up being (what is now) Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and the northern territories. I figured that the Maritimes would deconfederate somehow sooner or later once their land connection to the economic base of the country (Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and, to a lesser extent, BC) was gone. They might have joined the US, or maybe asked Britain for return to official "colony" status, rather than what Canada is now (with its own Constitution, etc.).

I didn't much like that thought. I heard rumblings that Brexit might get the QC separatistes all fired up again and holy shit, I bloody hope not.
Friday, June 24th, 2016
7:43 pm
Quotes, Tonight We're Gonna Party Like It's 1995 Edition
[T]here are decades when nothing happens, and there are weeks when decades happen
-- @cszabla, Twitter, attributed to Lenin (no actual source found)

The Internet magnifies human whimsy.
-- Harold Feld, Facebook, comments

We had nothing to fear but fear itself, until fear got hitched to the right wing wagon and it worked. We mortals are fools when we believe that the good old days are just an angry vote away. The world is changing and we will either hang together or hang separately- xenophobia is an effective political strategy but an awful way to live
-- John Quixote, Conscience of a Liberal, comments

I don't want to be rude, but you have the charisma of a damp rag, and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk. And the question that I want to ask, that we all want to ask, is who are you? I've never heard of you. Nobody in Europe had ever heard of you.
-- UKIP leader Nigel Farage, 2010, to an EU official, footage in John Oliver, "Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Brexit"

How can I be prejudiced against Moroccans when I've slept with so many?
-- Dutch politician Pym Fortuyn, quoted at Gin and Tacos

There are ways you can re-educate societies according to the universal values and norms. But only to those who have an open heart, you can never re-educate or educate an ignorant being.
-- from "Slike Raats, Belgian, Halts Social Experiment after just 10 days due to Horrific Reactions," World Story Today

Flashback! And I never even *did* the drugs!!Collapse )

Current Mood: tired
Sunday, June 19th, 2016
6:22 pm
Quotes, Anticrastination Edition
<Canadian astronaut lands on Mars> “Well heck, it’s not THAT cold out here.” <puts on shorts, opens Labatt Blue, fires up the Coleman>
-- @SarcasticRover, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

Today, Abudiab says, he can’t leave the house in the company of his wife — a white convert who wears the hijab — without feeling viscerally uncomfortable. His 9-year-old son has started asking when they’ll need to leave the country.
-- Daniel Noriega, "Muslims Used To Love Living In Tennessee — Now It's A Nightmare," Buzzfeed News

Some asshole principal in high school in El Paso told me that I would be lucky to graduate high school because I’m Mexican. (Graduation rates for Hispanics were in the dirt in the late 80s and early 90s.) The dude is dead now, which is sad because I wanted to send him a bound copy of my thesis next year.
-- Ren, Respectful Insolence, comments

“Organic salt” is my favorite oxymoron.
-- sonamib, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

Immigrants are sweeping the nation! Which is helpful, because nobody else wants to.
-- Marnanel Thurman, Facebook, comments

Procipate!Collapse )

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Wednesday, June 15th, 2016
9:16 pm
Quotes, (((Crypto))) Edition
[T]he scales of justice are blind but they aren't stupid.
-- Windriven, Science-Based Medicine, comments

[T]here's no law that says service jobs have to have dreadful pay, horrible hours, and no benefits. We could have labor laws that secured decent wages and hours, and social laws that provided health care and real pensions. Everything would be more expensive, but people would be more content, even in Nowheresville. The US has decided that costs too much.
-- quixote, Gin and Tacos, comments

The message: “The Holocaust never happened, but it was awesome.”
-- Jeffrey Goldberg, "A Brief Introduction to Pro-Holocaust Twitter," The Atlantic

heat helps with cramps. you can use a heat pad, but why stop there? rip your uterus out. set it on fire. there. much better. no more cramps.
-- Tumblr user thesaladbar, spotted on Buzzfeed

Anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools.
-- August Bebel, quoted in comments at Lawyers, Guns, and Money

I"m the whitest person that ever did the Funky Chicken!Collapse )

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Tuesday, June 14th, 2016
10:05 pm
...Anne Frankly, Neither Did Anyone Else ("Er ist weider da/Look Who's Back," Part the Secondth)
So, to continue, in the film, Hitler manages to get a spot on a television show. The TV people think he's some kind of crazy performance artist, so they put him on a trashy comedy show by a guy who seems to specialise in crude and borderline or maybe not so borderline racist humour. The comedian's gag writers even try to come up with some suitably "edgy" things for Hitler to say...so he stands there in silence until everyone starts to get flop sweat, and then unleashes a Howard Beale-esque rant on culture and television distracting everyone from the real issues.

The actor playing Hitler, the possibly ironically-named Oliver Masucci, is absolutely perfectly cast. What I learnt from reading about the movie is that the "documentary" parts of the film are exactly that -- they actually dressed Masucci up as Hitler and drove him around Germany and had him interact with ordinary Germans. Apparently a lot of people just wanted to have a friendly chat with their Uncle Adolf, which of course confuses the issue even further -- were people actually telling him the truth, or were they telling him what they thought Adolf Hitler would like to hear, or just what?

Fantastic film, although I think it gives maybe a bit much weight to Hitler the political manipulator and not enough weight to Hitler the raving frother (and I say this as someone who read Mein Kampf in translation).

Current Mood: anxious
9:09 pm
Quotes, Another Day, Another Lack of Dollar Edition
They wouldn’t know a fact if you wrapped it around a Louisville Slugger and whacked them with it.
-- efgoldman, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

If your God tells you it's okay to kill some types of people then maybe it is time to kill your God.
-- Brian Shoup, Facebook, comments

[I]t's entirely possible to fuck up easy money if you work at it.
-- Halloween_Jack, Alicublog, comments

[I]t turned out that after an entire island gets drenched with liquid anthrax it's really hard to decontaminate it.
-- Ed, "NPF: That Time The British Gave an Entire Island Anthrax," Gin and Tacos

An ex-pastor of mine once asked the congregation from the pulpit, "is the real struggle in the world between good and evil, or could it be between good and indifference?" at any rate it seems as if indifference is the winner in the popular vote.
-- pennyjane, Stonekettle Station, comments

I"m avoidant...Collapse )

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Monday, June 13th, 2016
2:00 pm
Things that will *actually* make me scream like a little girl
1. Feeling a strange sensation on my torso and realising there is some kind of giant beetle inside my nightgown.

Current Mood: stressed
Friday, June 10th, 2016
7:58 pm
Quotes, Slink and Schmooze Edition
Say what you will about Trumpism, but its not an ethos.
-- Aimai, Alicublog, comments

I mail ordered a redneck the other day. He came in bubba wrap.
-- Pharrell Dickstein, Facebook, comments

A day rarely passes in which I don’t congratulate myself for abstaining from Twitter, but fuck me with a roasted gerbil, today offers a special reminder that whatever time I might devote to that everlasting dumpster fire remains better spent gazing hopelessly into the middle distance, sipping Early Times from a half-pint mason jar, and weeping softly as I rank my faults.
-- davenoon, "Twitter person finds silver lining in the looming heat death of the universe," Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

Thanks to everyone participating in this act of (((cultural appropriation))). Since the culture in question is Nazi, it's permissible.
-- Twitter user @JeffreyGoldberg, screenshot in Yair Rosenberg, "((( How Twitter Is Teaming Up to Mess With the Nazis )))," Tablet Magazine

do not worry Merica I for one will never indoors Dornal Drump. i not even allowed indoors
-- @ProBirdRights, Twitter

You got to put on that schmooze...Collapse )

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Tuesday, June 7th, 2016
1:12 am
I Did Nazi That Coming, Part the Oneth
I can't say enough good things about "Er ist weider da/Look Who's Back." (Highly illegal but safe and working movie link) It's a pitch-black comedy/time travel tale/social satire that is approximately 1/3 Paddy Chayefsky's "Network," 1/3 Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator," and 1/3 Rick Mercer's "Talking to Americans." Also, there's maybe a little bit of some kind of dark Bizarro World version of Frank Capra's "Meet John Doe" creeping in around the edges.

Basic plot point -- Adolf Hitler himself coalesces out of a magical fog over the former site of the Fuhrerbunker in downtown Berlin, in 2014, discovers and is discovered by mass broadcast television and the internet, and mostly wackiness ensues.

Bonus points for a really, really superb soundtrack, a Nyan Cat cameo, and Leadbelly over the closing credits.

Current Mood: awake
Monday, June 6th, 2016
4:30 pm
Yep, definitely going to TO, on Wednesday. The HR guy likes me and gave me some tips on how to deal with the interview. Awesomesauce.

Current Mood: nervous
Sunday, June 5th, 2016
5:32 pm
Quotes, Stormy Weather/Nothin' But Blue Skies Edition
I was just dealing with some folks who think that my acceptance of 50 years of climatology models and studies means that I'm in thrall to a Marxist/NWO plot to kill billions of people and then herd the survivors into isolated forced labor camps where they'll be made to worship nature at gunpoint and give up their children as offerings to the state who will murder the ones deemed unfit.

I work with a guy for whom that is absolute fact.
-- Andrew Johnston and bill, Alicublog, comments

i havent eaten an apple in days. the doctors are closing in. my barricade wont last much longer. theyre coming. tell my family i love them
-- Tumblr user coolscar, spotted on imgur

This is the point where the hardcore Dungeons and Dragons player starts yelling "NEEEERRRRRDDS!!!!”
-- leftwingfox, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments, on crossword fans

Toxic masculinity doesn't mean 'men are bad', it means 'as a society, we're fucking men up.'
-- Twitter user @BathysphereHat, quoted at Speaker for the Diodes (h/t dglenn)

Did field research in an area where the only radio station that got into the valley was a far right AM talk radio station. That was...um...what is the direct opposite of enlightening? It was educational about politics in rural 'Merica.
-- KayMarie, Science-Based Medicine, comments

The answer, my friend, is...Collapse )

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Wednesday, June 1st, 2016
6:32 pm
A bit of a mood-lifter
I had a phone interview today for a TW position with an Even Bigger IT Company and I absolutely nailed it. I will probably be heading to TO for a face-to-face maybe as soon as Monday.

Current Mood: hungry
Tuesday, May 31st, 2016
11:38 pm
Oh, Internet Leftists, Never Change...No, Wait, Please Fucking Change, You're Obnoxious
I got told I was an "Orientalist" who was infantilising the Iraqi people the other day by some jerk on Facebook when I argued that I wouldn't be comfortable with the idea of returning hundreds of Babylonian incantation bowls to Iraq because a) the political situation there is hugely unstable, and I don't trust the current lack of government to be able to prevent them from being looted or destroyed; b) Daesh is operating in the area, and Daesh famously (and tragically) has a reputation for destroying pre- or non-Islamic artifacts in areas it conquers (like, say, parts of fucking Palmyra), and they're really and especially hostile to anything with a tinge of Jewishness, and c) Iraq has a decades-long reputation for being virulently antisemitic*, and, as far as I'm concerned, turning over any artifact with Hebrew writing on it (whether it was actually used by Jews or not) to the Iraqi government would be criminally stupid, even setting aside the point of whether we want to argue that all antiquities from a place belong in that place, and qualify as "looted" even if they're not necessarily.

But apparently according to this leftist purity troll, Iraqi Jewish antiquities should be safe in Iraq because antiquities! No, Iraqis wouldn't deliberately let antiquities be looted or destroyed because of antisemitism! That's bigoted! Iraqis care about their antiquities and don't care who made them! (Never mind that even the relatively secular Saddam Hussein's government more or less went out of its way to make sure that important Jewish artifacts were destroyed, and never mind that in 2014 the ADL did a survey that found 92% of Iraqis had antisemitic attitudes.) Implying that political bigotries might jeopardise antiquities perceived to be tied to a despised and ethnically cleansed minority is bigoted, and how dare I think such a thing?

Looking at the problem from the point of view of someone who realises that there used to be hundreds of thousands of Jews in Iraq (and pre-Iraq Babylonia, which is where the Babylonian Talmud, only one of the most important religious-scholarly works in Judaism, came from), in a community that had 2300 years of continuous existence...and which now numbers less than ten members, at best estimate1...

I was like, "Contrary to what you said, I'm not infantilising these people because I think they're incapable or because I'm blaming them for the shit the US and its allies put it through, I'm observing from documented evidence that Iraq is a really fucking antisemitic place, officially, even, and yeah, I think people are assholes enough to destroy even valuable things made by people they hate." (To be fair, I believe this about assholes anywhere.) So fuckin' sue me. Asshat.

The Politburo does not accept your antihistorical narrative, Citizen Interrobang. Jesus fuck, can't people just disagree on factual interpretations anymore without the bullshit identity-politics insults?

* This article is really worth reading. Edwin Black knocks it out of the fucking park again.
1 The Wikipedia article says "Present estimates of the Jewish population in Baghdad are eight (2007), seven (2008) and five (2013)."

Current Mood: annoyed
10:18 pm
Quotes, Oh, Izzy, Oh, Ibid Edition
I'm imagining a new reality show in which celebrity political commentators have their editorial staffs swapped for a few weeks. Seymour Hersh has to work with the National Review people while Jonah Goldberg gets the New Yorker editors and fact checkers.
-- J--, Alicublog, comments

Pat Buchanan is one swatstika tattoo short of Neo-Nazi, yes.

Assumes facts not in evidence and I’m not checking.
-- FFFFFFIIII and Breadbaker, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

"What happened to his face?"
"He was the victim of a smugging."
-- Julian English, Facebook, comments

Patient is diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast, confirmed with biopsy. Surgery prepped for two weeks time. Patient goes to an outside facility, and does a mammogram. Radiologist states it is benign. Patient writes an email to her primary doctor (my attending), "PRAYER WORKS. Please find attached report stating I no longer have breast cancer. Please tell Dr. X (Surgeon) that I will be no longer needing surgery." Cue furious emails to surgeon with sense of impending doom.
-- Reddit user dagayute, from David Karrell, "20 Doctors Share The Stupidest Ways Their Patients Diagnosed Themselves. These Are Gold.", Pref


"Sumimasen, sorry, coming through, sorry buddy, Sumimasen can I borrow your gun?, Thank you, Sumimasen, sorry, sumimasen, would you mind signing this peace treaty, thank you, sorry to bother you". And that's how Japan was conquered by the Canadians.
-- BuzzBomber87 and j4390jamie, Reddit, comments

Cats!Collapse )

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Sunday, May 29th, 2016
8:20 pm
Incidentally, all of this is true
So today in Hebrew class, we learnt about a guy named Pinas ("פינס"), and yes, that's pronounced exactly how you think it's pronounced, coined the Hebrew word for tomato ("עגבנייה", agvania). He'd heard some French monks calling it a "love apple" ("pomme d'amour"), so he made a neologism out of a root that poetically means "to court someone" ("עגב", agav) and demotically (lehavdil) means "to fuck," and, through the miracle of ease of articulation, the name stuck (over its less-smutty sibling neologism derived from the word "love," which is harder to say -- the actual word is "agvania," and the failed cleaner neologism is "ahavania").

This resulted in our having a conversation about verbs for fucking, abbreviations, portmanteaux, and loanwords, and why English-speakers crack up when you mention a guy named Pinas.

What was it that Twain said about truth versus fiction?

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