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Monday, February 20th, 2017
6:08 pm
Quotes, Look Different In Here? Edition
One day I want to read a headline that says 'Disabled person overcomes society's crap!' instead of all this overcoming disability nonsense!
-- @GreggBeratan, Twitter, h/t dglenn

Come for the chaos, stay for the consequences.
-- slugline on David Rothkopf, "The Fog of Trump," Foreign Policy

And so, what now? One answer is elementary—we’re Jews; we read.
-- Martin Peretz, "An Open Letter to the Writer of the Open Letter to Robert Kraft," Tablet

We are the women that men have warned us about.
-- Robin Morgan, "Goodbye to All That," Rat Newspaper, 1970

When an enemy of the people leaves us, we give sad, awkward speeches and eat cake.
-- Mike Wilson, Editor, Dallas News, "What you need to know about the enemies of the American people the president warned you about," Dallas News

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Sunday, February 19th, 2017
7:07 pm
Trudeau needs to step up for Emerson, and yes, this is really happening
Over on the Boke of Faces, one of my friends posted an article about the people who are walking across the US border into Canada. One of his commenters is a wingnut who's claiming that the stories about people walking across the border from the US into Canada are "staged" because "there just happened to be someone there to photograph them," (because there have been pictures of people being met by RCMP after crossing at Hemmingford, Quebec), never mind that this has been going on for weeks now, it's been national news in Canada for weeks now (the linked article is from 6 January), it's going on in several locations, and at Hemmingford, there's sort of a road and a distinct spot where people are crossing, so all any enterprising journalist had to do to get a shot of the latest batch of crossers was to hang out and wait. As my Hebrew teacher Orna would say, "Oy vavoi..." *sigh*

Meanwhile, the mayor of Emerson, Manitoba (population ~700) is pleading for help from the federal government because they've had dozens of people land on them after walking seven hours through waist-deep snow from North Dakota, some of whom have lost fingers and toes, and one of whom might lose both arms (he's already lost all his fingers). They're sending some people from Emerson to Winnipeg, but they had 22 people arrive early this morning alone! Twenty two in one day! (Including a baby!) Trudeau and Co. really need to step up on this one and help the Emersonites out. That's what we have a federal government for.

I'm really angry about this idiot and probably I should say "these idiots" who have just decided that anything they don't like is "fake news" or "staged" (when I hear the words "crisis actor" I take the safety off my Browning). This is real; it's happening, and it's hurting people. And our federal government needs to get off its ass and help.

Current Mood: angry
10:40 am
So this is a thing that happened in Canada the other day...

As Torontoist reports, Canada's answer to Breitbart hosted a rally and four of the candidates for the leadership of the Conservative party, including the de-facto frontrunner, Kellie Leitch, attended.

Between this, the bomb threat on the Jewish Community Centre here in Whitebreadville, and similar Rebel Media types picketing a mosque in downtown Toronto (!!), I'm getting seriously worried.

Current Mood: annoyed
Thursday, February 16th, 2017
10:51 pm
Welp, so much for sleeping tonight...

By the same token, weirdly interesting.
Wednesday, February 15th, 2017
6:46 pm
Quotes, All This Packing is Bringing Me Down Edition
Trying to cover for a coworker on vacation, so of course the database gets all sulky & sullen. *No, no can haz data, humph....*
-- @Anton_P_Nym, Twitter

“A doctor buries his mistakes. A pilot gets buried with his.”
-- Major Kong, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

Once again, the laws of supply and demand elude conservatives.

Capitalism is for commies!
-- mgmonklewis and Derelict, Alicublog, comments

Americans say "Hold my beer." Canadians say "Hold my teeth."
-- Elizabeth Buchan-Kimmerly, Facebook, comments

You know what I loved as a teenage girl? School uniforms that require khaki pants. Fucking awesome.
-- scampwild, Reddit, comments [Pastel mint-green leggings, 1989. -- ?!]

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Monday, February 13th, 2017
10:39 pm
Quotes, Happy Birthday to Me, Actually! Edition
The fuck? THE FUCKING FUCK?! Honest to God, I don't have enough fucks to get through the next four years. And I was in the fucking Navy
-- @Stonekettle, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

It is strange how violence isn't particularly vulgar in our society, but sex is. In some parallel universe, you can show a dildo on television, but not a gun. Maybe they could pixelate the guns or something.

I'd like to put in for a transfer.
-- Buddy McCue and tigirismus, Alicublog, comments

Sessions is famous for quipping that he thought the Ku Klux Klan was all right until he found out that some of its members smoked pot, an odious comment on many levels.
-- Digby, "Trump's beautiful new police state," Hullabaloo

If I'm going to get picked on for being born Jewish, I might as well be associated with the biggest and baddest Judaic boogeyman around, Mr. George Soros.
-- Jason Weisberger, "Neo-Nazis Attack Boing Boing Publisher," Boing Boing

I wanna know if this guy is in your army, because we're gonna give him a new job, making license plates.
-- Lt. (Ret.) Joe Kenda, "Homicide Hunter: The Monster Awakes"

And a really positive job interview. Wish me luck!Collapse )

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Saturday, February 11th, 2017
10:13 pm
A tiny bit of good news
The other night I asked my grandma if, if worst comes to worst, I could come stay with her for a bit. She said she'd think about it, which is about as good as it gets. That's a tiny bit of a load off, at least. The only bit of bad news there is that I wouldn't be able to bring the cats, most probably, because Grandma's afraid she might trip over them in the dark while trying to get to the bathroom. I don't blame her for that. If there were a way I could keep them in the upstairs with me at night, it wouldn't be a problem, but there's no door between the upstairs and the rest of the house, so I don't see how, and I can't really justify closing them into a tiny bedroom all night.

I also have a job interview on Monday. It's what I would call a "survival job" (although the job requirements did say they wanted someone with a Master's or PhD, ha ha), and it doesn't pay well, but as long as I can get an apartment on my income, I'll be ok. I'm still waiting to hear back from three other companies, too.

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Wednesday, February 8th, 2017
9:52 am
Quotes, Donald Trump Can't Read This Edition
I just asked a @SenToomey staffer what Betsy DeVos's qualifications were, in Sen's mind. He literally said "she spent millions of dollars."
-- @HesterBlum, Twitter

On 17 January 2016, a healthy man was declared brain-dead after receiving an experimental drug in a first-in-human trial in France. Four of five other subjects receiving the same dose have serious, ongoing neurological complications. Investigations into the trial described many troubling safety practices, such as steep increases in dose levels delivered to sequential subjects without sufficient delays to check for safety. ... The report notes that the 63-page Investigator Brochure describing the trial included fewer than two pages of evidence that the drug had the desired pharmacological activity. It identified only two studies presented as evidence for efficacy, both problematic. ...Both preclinical studies showed only “moderate” positive effects. Moreover, Bial’s drug had been tested at a range of doses in mice that made it impossible to estimate the most likely effective dose in humans.
-- Jonathan Kimmelman & Carole Federico, "Consider drug efficacy before first-in-human trials," Nature

Feld's Ratio of Political Power states that your political power is directly proportionate to your perceived ability to cause pain.
-- Harold Feld, Facebook

If you gaze long into the stupid, the stupid also gazes into you.
-- BigHank53, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments [Jay says, "Yeah, but it stares kinda cockeyed. Woaaah, this is sooo deeeeep. -- ?!]

At least Americans can no longer wonder what it would look like to take someone who doesn't know anything about governing, politics, the law, or public service and putting them in charge of the country. It looks like this. It looks exactly like anyone who grasps that running the government is not in fact like running a business would expect.
-- Ed, "The Modal Man," Gin and Tacos

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Tuesday, February 7th, 2017
6:55 pm
Crabs in a bucket pull down any crab who tries to climb up.

Ants in a bucket chain themselves together and lift everyone out.

Be an ant, not a crab.

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Monday, February 6th, 2017
5:06 pm
Quotes, Sleeeeeeepy Edition
Now that the detainees in Dallas have been released, protesters are chanting "clean up." They are leaving the airport the way they found it.
-- @kurteichenwald, Twitter

Americans are so terrified of the word "conspiracy", they ignore real ones.
-- Andrew Zador, Facebook, comments

Canada also noted last year that it had more Sikhs in its cabinet than India did.
-- Nicholas Kristof, "Canada, Leading the Free World," The New York Times

Keep Hope alive.
We'll eat her last.
-- duquesne_pdx, Alicublog, comments

Soviet tampon baler is best, most advanced in world.
-- optiongeek, Reddit, comments

I am suddenly tired again.Collapse )

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Saturday, February 4th, 2017
10:25 pm
Quotes, Look Out! Edition
Trump invented algebra to prove that science is a Muslim hoax and he won the popular vote by a gazillion.
-- @AlternateRowan, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

Punching unapologetic actual Nazis is illegal and you definitely should do it every chance you get.
-- Ken Kleinman, Facebook

War is just sport by other means.
-- Pere Ubu, Alicublog, comments

I’m so glad that my terrible mood swings have ceased. They were about as fun as swallowing a sea urchin. Or…

♥ Being eaten by a megalodon on steroids.
♥ Sticking a watermelon covered in spikes up your ass.
♥ Eating your own hand.
♥ Being devoured by army ants that are like ten feet long.
♥ Penis cancer.
♥ Drinking boiling hydrochloric acid.
♥ Tearing out your fingernails with pliers.
♥ Getting a blowjob from a velociraptor.
♥ Etc., etc.
-- spiral_meter, "Karmalicious," Packed Like Dreams In a Head That Dreams to Burst Apart.

Asked whether federal workers are dissenting in ways that go beyond previous party changes in the White House, Tom Malinowski, who was President Barack Obama’s assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights and labor, said, sarcastically: “Is it unusual? . . . There’s nothing unusual about the entire national security bureaucracy of the United States feeling like their commander in chief is a threat to U.S. national security. That happens all the time. It’s totally usual. Nothing to worry about.”
-- Juliet Eilperin, Lisa Rein, and Marc Fisher, "Resistance from within: Federal workers push back against Trump," The Washington Post

Outlook...Collapse )

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9:05 pm
State of the Interrobang: 24 Days to Disaster
Hey there.

So, my landlady finally decided she was, in fact, going to sell the house I've lived in for the past 10.5 years, and gave me my termination of rental agreement notice on 1 January (Happy Fuckin' New Year to You, Too!). I still don't have a job or an income, which means that if I can't drum up some source of money ASAP I'm going to be homeless at the end of the month. I probably should have gone on welfare ages ago, but I think they still have a cap on how much savings you can have, and I may still have about $2K in my RRSP, so I've been hesitant to apply. Well, that and being on welfare again...I'd rather have my fingernails yanked out with tweezers.

Since the summer I've almost gotten four jobs. Two just evaporated with no explanation given, after super-positive interviews. One got torpedoed by a buyout combined with a merger. (I need to get back in touch with that guy again, because he's been saying he might be able to offer me contract work.) And one, I got told, "We think you have the technical skills to [do half the job], but not the soft skills to [do the other half], so we're looking to see if we can divide the work among two contractors, so it's not 'yes' and it's not 'no,'" (fucking bullshit is what it is, if you ask me), and then I never heard anything more about it, so I assume they hired someone they liked better, who had more "soft skills," whatever the fuck that means in context.

I just had three job interviews a week Friday. One was a total disaster; the woman who would have been my supervisor just basically decided I was a fuck-up about halfway through. At one point, she actually asked me, "Have you ever actually worked in software development?" and then had to amend that on the fly because it's bleeding obvious that I have, even if most places don't bring in tech writers at the goddam wireframe stage FFS. Still got two out there, and another interview scheduled for Monday, and I just applied for like six jobs in the past three days, but I am running out of time.

I honestly don't know what to do. I don't currently even have a back-up plan, which means I've been washing a lot of underwear lately, metaphorically speaking. Also, sleeping like a baby...that is to say, waking up every two hours to cry.

Anybody out there in the LJ Brain Trust got any good ideas, I'm all eyes. Thanks.

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Thursday, February 2nd, 2017
6:40 pm
Signal Boost: Suspend the Safe Third Country Agreement while Trump's 7 Countries EO is in Force
My good friend anton_p_nym has written a petition to the Government of Canada. Canadian Citizens, please sign. Others, please help by redistributing this link.


Petition to the Government of Canada

The President of the United States of America has signed into effect Executive Orders that prevent refugees and immigrants already accepted by the US from entering the country, with many unable to reunite with their families;
The President of the United States of America has moved to adopt policies that contravene the 1984 Convention Against Torture;
The above are in direct violation of Factors 1, 2, and 3 of the Canada-US Safe Third Country Agreement; and
The Agreement may restrict Canada's ability to accept refugees turned away by these Orders.

We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to revoke the designation of the United States of America as a "Safe Third Country" under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act until the United States returns to compliance with all Factors of the Agreement.

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Monday, January 30th, 2017
9:24 pm
Quotes, Oh For ^#*&$@!!! Sake I Am Going To Go Bury My Head In My Pillows For the Next Month Edition
We are not immune to hatred in this country. But we will always always always stand up to it together.
-- @nenshi, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

His bizarre story about his identity is neither here nor there. You can be Captain America if you choose to be; it's a free country.
-- Lt. (Ret.) Joe Kenda, "Homicide Hunter: My Worst Fear"

"And Delta 346 heavy, turn right heading 92.415 degrees, contact departure 127.45, good-day!"
"Huh? What? Right to what and, uh, well. Can we get direct?"
-- Derelict, Alicublog, comments

Wingnuts crack me up with their accusations of socialism. By their definition Reagan was a socialist.
-- Guy Chapman, Facebook, comments

These people couldn’t run a two-car funeral.
-- Washington governor Jay Inslee, quoted in Bob Young and Tyrone Beason, "Inslee and other officials denounce immigrant ban ‘train wreck’," The Seattle Times, on the Trump Administration

Stop the world, I want to get off.Collapse )

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Thursday, January 26th, 2017
11:50 pm
Quotes, It's a Wonder I Can Think At All Edition
If at first you don’t survive, die, die again.
-- CaptainBringdown, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

Canada’s perspective is unique. Other than Mexicans, we are the people most vulnerable to Trump. If he actually does what he says he’s going to do, we are fucked. It’s all well and good for cynical tech-overlord and Trump supporter Peter Thiel to say that we are supposed to take Trump seriously but not literally. Tell that to the people watching the inauguration at the Canadian Embassy, who have to make decisions based on what they think the President of the United States is going to do. Almost $600 billion worth of annual trade is bound up in the answer. I pity the people in power in our country right now: The best thing would be for the President to forget we exist. But how are we supposed not to speak up when he stands against everything we stand for?
-- Stephen Marche, "This American Carnage," The Walrus

As one Muslim HuffPost employee put it recently after reading about the pig carcass in Oklahoma: “I swear I need to spread a rumor that Muslims don’t eat cupcakes.”
-- Christopher Matthias, "6 Rules Of Islamophobia In America," Huffington Post

#1984 has been my fave book for years. So excited to finally be able to live it. #TrumpsAmerica #alternativefacts
-- @patzimmy, Twitter

"Captain... I don't think the Constitution is gonna hold.... we've got breaches of the 1st, 4th and 10 Amendments!"
-- Charlie Schmehl, Facebook, comments

But at least I have an interview tomorrow...Collapse )

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Tuesday, January 24th, 2017
9:55 pm
Quotes, Thick and Fast Edition
Drowning in Smug is a terrible way to die.
-- LittlePig, Alicublog, comments

@RealDonaldTrump just set the world record for the guy rejected by more women in a single day in the history of humanity.
-- @jeremynewburger, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if a group of people are making a metric shitton of money from some manner of grift, then it becomes everyone else's responsibility to protect their income when it is threatened.
-- Smut Clyde, "'Bugger,' said Pooh, as he read that Australian Manuka honey had flooded the market, just when he'd felled every tree and turned the 100-Aker Wood into a Manuka plantation," Riddled

A joke from WW2, when the swastika was also called a "Nazi cross":

Q: How do you make a Nazi cross with five matches?
A: Stick four in his ear and light them with the fifth!
-- Steven F. Scharff, Facebook, comments

I have news for all the Anarchy Bros out there: Starbucks has insurance and doesn't really give a shit that you broke their window. The only thing property destruction accomplishes is to delegitimize protests in the right-wing media, to give the police an excuse to start swinging batons, and to allow the perpetrators to engage in some kind of exhibitionism – play-acting revolutionary or something.
-- Ed, "Notebooks Out," Gin and Tacos, comments

Doing a lot of reading, I guess...Collapse )

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Monday, January 23rd, 2017
7:58 am
Quotes, It's Always Nazi-Punching O'Clock Edition
Some unusual reduplication of sources in this one, folks, sorry, but them's how they falls out this time.

In Soviet Russia pussy grabs you.
-- gocart mozart, Alicublog, comments

Irony, hell. Hypocrisy is dead.
-- LittlePig, Alicublog, comments

I'm not watching the inauguration bc Reifenstahl's version was perfect and I'm sick of these damn Hollywood remakes
-- @meakoopa, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

Re-defining the word "success" to mean "accomplishing whatever I did" is so much easier than actually succeeding. So. Much. Easier.
-- SeaTea, Gin and Tacos

The other side in this argument are lying fucks who can twist any piece of information into a swastika-shaped balloon animal if you engage them in good faith; lacking a piece of information, they’ll just make shit up. Might as well punch a Nazi.
-- "On The Propriety Of Punching Nazis, An FAQ," Thoughts On The Dead

Go raise some hell. Shove in the fascists’ stupid faces.
-- Erik Loomis, 1/1461, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

When Der Fuehrer says 'Ve ist der Mashter Race', ve Heil, Heil, right in Der Fuehrer's Face...Collapse )

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Saturday, January 21st, 2017
10:33 pm
Quotes, We'll Fall Right Through a Hundred Million Centuries Edition
When Mnuchin makes mistakes on complicated paperwork, he asks for forgiveness. When his customers made mistakes, he took their homes.
-- @SenWarren (Elizabeth Warren), Twitter

I've discovered an easy lifehack that makes most commonplace financial issues vanish: be a billionaire!
-- James Nicoll, Facebook

Stay safe, stay hydrated, have a good time, look out for your fellow sisters. And just remember we don’t take no ish from no man.
-- Spirit Airlines flight attendant, video in Julia Reinstein, "Flights Packed With Women’s March Participants Are Celebrating All The Way To DC," Buzzfeed

German here. The term "shitstorm" is commonly used, there is no even average good translation to it.

We did it, Anglosphere! We invented a compound word that Germans use because they don't have a good way to translate it! It's like we're living in Bizarro World.
-- jerryblack31 and thehonestyfish, Reddit, comments

No more coloured restrooms. No more white restrooms. Just plain old toilets. Go wherever you damn well please. [to Katherine Goble] I prefer you to be closer to your desk. Here at NASA, we all pee the same colour.
-- Al Harrison, Hidden Figures, dialogue

Death, doom, and gloooooom, misery, sorrow and feeaar...Collapse )

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Tuesday, January 17th, 2017
6:17 pm
Quotes, The Furnace Blew Out and It's Still Cold In Here (Even Though It's Fixed) Edition
Dreams. Should. Not. Have. Pop. Up. Ads. *grumble*

Perhaps you can try using Lynx for text-based dreams.
-- D. Glenn Arthur Jr. and Jon Budar-Danoff, Facebook, comments

Ms. Leitch, an MP and physician,
Has settled upon a position:
She’s one of your betters
(Remember her letters)
But anti-elite, in addition.
-- @Limericking, Twitter, h/t anton_p_nym

Satire has been lapped by reality.
-- Nobdy, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

What looks like charity is often more some form of exchange.
-- Rusty, Balloon Juice, comments

...when a guy's hair starts out the conversation by waving good-bye, a person starts to feel that maybe the hair knows best and becomes aware of an impulse not to argue with it.
-- bekabot, Alicublog, comments

Brr brr brr...Collapse )

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Monday, January 16th, 2017
1:29 pm
Separate and Multivalently Unequal: The DeVos Education Time Bomb
Of all the ways the upcoming US Trump presidency concerns me, I think education is right up at the top, in part because I believe it's a delayed-action timebomb. Yes, the immediate effects to any wide-scale dismantling of the public education system will be devastating, but there will be a second wave of effects that probably won't be felt until about 20 years later, I think. The effect may be similar to what happened to the Lost Generation in Prince Edward County, Virginia, in the wake of school desegregation orders, and the subsequent "Massive Resistance" campaign that closed public schools for five years, meaning that African-American children who did not have out-of-county or out-of-state relatives to go and live with, or parents wealthy enough to send them to private schools (a few private schools did exist for African-American children) lost five years of formal schooling.

The plan that DeVos and people like her propose for education in the United States has four main objectives. The first is to resegregate schools by any means necessary. The second is to do an end-run around the Lemon test as it applies to US public schools, in order to allow public money to be used for religious schooling. The third is to funnel money out of the public system into private hands, probably theirs. The fourth is to create a tiered education system, which would probably work something like this...

The wealthy people's kids will go to private schools with well-paid, well-trained teaching staff recruited either from their own ranks or from the ranks of the "educational petty bourgeoisie" below them. Some extremely high-achieving or promising kids from the middle and potentially lower classes may be offered scholarships to preserve an illusion of fairness and/or to make sure that the very wealthy have a supply of extremely well-trained professionals (such as lawyers or doctors).

The next tier down will be less-expensive private or well-funded charter schools, staffed with reasonably well-paid and well-trained teachers, but without the cachet or credentials of those who teach the upper class. These schools will educate and train the children of the less wealthy to be the wealthy class' professionals and functionaries, that is, the future lower-ranked doctors, pilots, engineers, designers (industrial, graphic, fashion), IT staff, architects, maybe the odd lawyer or two, mid-level and low-level business functionaries and public servants (the upper class gets to produce all the VPs and C-level execs, as they generally do now), emergency response people, etc. A few high-achieving or promising members of the lower class will attend these schools through scholarships.

The lowest tier will consist of any remaining rump of the public schools, fly-by-night charters, diploma mills, shitty cyber-charters, and religious academies where kids will learn that Jesus rode a dinosaur and the earth is 6000 years old, and flat, and maybe how to read a little and do some basic math. These are the schools of last resort, and where the vast majority of poor kids, childen of colour, hard-to-teach cases, kids with handicaps or learning disabilities will end up. These schools will be a pipeline to low-paid service or manual labour jobs, or prison.

Now, when I say this is a time bomb, don't think about the kids who are in school now, per se, think about the first cohort of kids who go through school entirely in this system. Now think about how this will even further reduce the incoming pipeline for post-secondary education in the US, and what effect that will have on things like R&D, academic research, tech companies and startups, and so on...

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