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    Tuesday, April 15th, 2014
    1:34 pm
    Quotes, Egon and Ray at Tenagra Edition
    h/t to Squid on FB for the title idea

    In the spirit of Rule 34, I believe there should be a Rule 35: ‘For every existing system, there is at least one group gaming it.
    -- Anne Laurie, Balloon Juice, comments

    Actions stink higher than false words.
    -- Cole, Alicublog, comments

    All of these songs were part of a huge scientific project to which I have devoted my entire life. Namely, the attempt to prolong adolescence beyond all previous limits.
    -- Tom Lehrer, quoted in "Looking for Tom Lehrer, Comedy's Mysterious Genius," BuzzReads

    I am a reservoir of useless information, just dont ask me to do the dishes
    -- fibergurl, Pandagon, comments

    If you search out the women’s contributions included in those curious compendia, called ‘one hundred great speeches of history’ and the like, you’ll find that most of the female highlights from Emmeline Pankhurst to Hillary Clinton’s address to the UN conference on women in Beijing are about the lot of women. So too is probably the most popularly anthologised example of female oratory of all, the 1851 ‘Ain’t I a Woman?’ speech of Sojourner Truth, ex-slave, abolitionist and American campaigner for women’s rights. ‘And ain’t I a woman?’ she is supposed to have said. ... The authorised version was written up a decade or so after Sojourner Truth said whatever she said – and that is when the now famous refrain, which she certainly did not say, was inserted, while at the same time her words as a whole were translated into a Southern drawl, to match the abolitionist message, even though she came from the North and had been brought up speaking Dutch.
    -- Mary Beard, "The Public Voice of Women," London Review of Books Online

    Walter, his fruit basket unreceived.Collapse )

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Monday, April 14th, 2014
    11:27 am
    New drug regimen
    After almost two months of solid fibro(?) flare, and throwing everything in the arsenal at it to little avail (and increasing rigidity), I finally had the presence of mind to mention it to my doctor. He put me on pregabalin, and so far, it's working pretty well. It hasn't done a whole lot for the burning sensation in my hands and feet, but it has knocked the pain back pretty well, and I'm now getting actual restorative sleep again (on a seemingly regular basis, for the first time in probably almost 10 years)...and I still have a long way I can go up on the dosage as needed.

    The downside is that I can't take it on an empty stomach because it makes me immediately incredibly sleepy, and I stay stupid and hungover feeling all day afterward. I do feel a bit mentally bleary, but the doctor said that might happen and that it'd probably stabilise after a week or so.

    It also seems to have helped with my twitching somewhat, too. I asked the pharmacist about it when I got it, and got this look like, "Um, woah..." and then he said "...That's a good question." Couldn't really give me a definitive answer, but let's say it's knocked the spasticity symptoms down a notch too.

    Call it a tentative win for now.

    Current Mood: calm
    Thursday, April 10th, 2014
    10:09 am
    Quotes, A Billion Verbs and a Big Grey Area Edition
    That poor beeping black box all alone in the big ocean is suddenly asking where all the news crews went.
    -- scav, Balloon Juice, comments [I never thought I’d feel sorry for a CVR, but there you go. -- ?!]

    Send SOS; it's the new call, and this may be your last chance to send it.
    -- Second Wireless Operator Harold Bride, to First Wireless Operator Jack Phillips, RMS Titanic, quoted in the Wikipedia page "Legends and myths regarding RMS Titanic"

    Who cares if 85% of Americans don't know where Ukraine's borders are on a map? Neither does Vladimir Putin.
    -- Stephen Colbert, on Twitter, spotted at imgur

    Nothing intelligent has ever followed "Why don't you just."
    -- Matt Bernier, Facebook, comments

    Paul Revere vs. Laura Secord. Revere had a dramatic midnight ride, a network of spies and communications agents, and got caught. Secord overheard about an attack one night, and simply left the next morning to walk (about 20 miles) to pass on the information. Didn't get caught. The difference between the two stories is quite useful for illuminating the cultural difference between the US and Canada.
    -- Ursula L, Slacktivist, comments [And now there’s a chocolate company named after her. Says it all, really. -- ?!]

    But I like it!Collapse )

    Current Mood: blah
    Saturday, April 5th, 2014
    6:52 pm
    Quotes, Spring Cleaning Edition
    Behind every regulation there’s a bunch of exceedingly ugly deaths.
    -- WereBear, Balloon Juice, comments

    [T]heir obituary of Reagan began, "That is not dead which can eternal lie."
    -- Triplanetary, Alicublog, comments

    Back when Tom Lehrer talked about a doctor specializing in ‘diseases of the rich’, I bet he never thought one of those would turn out to be measles.
    -- The Grouchybeast, Respectful Insolence, comments

    They're just like people. Once you get to know them, their size and their facial looks and everything, you know who they are.
    -- John Soto, Manager of Warm Springs Ranch, on the Budweiser Clydesdale breeding opertion

    Don’t let a coven of Sodomites and socialists, hiding behind the badge of professional psychologists, reprogram your natural feelings on male and female distinctiveness.
    -- Michael Pearl, from Chapter 12 of To Train Up a Child, quoted at Love, Joy, Feminism

    I don't want to dismantle the fridge, but it needs to be done...Collapse )

    Current Mood: anti-social
    Sunday, March 30th, 2014
    7:31 pm
    Quotes, Some Days You Just Can't Get Rid of a Bomb Edition
    “It’s a perfect system except when it’s run by humans” is not an acceptable answer.
    -- Roger Moore, Balloon Juice, comments

    Halt! Hammerzeit!
    -- Maelchry, imgur, comments

    Women don't get to have themselves. Other people get to have them.
    -- Nimravid, Pandagon, comments

    I tried to summon snark. And snark was like "Fuck me, I'm outta here!"
    I don't blame you, snark. I don't blame you one bit.
    -- Bethany Spencer, Alicublog, comments

    [E]ven back in the 70s. I remember getting a lot of people upset at me as a Yeshiva student when I dedicated a Holocaust Remembrance Day essay to the other 45%.
    -- dpolicar, Slacktivist, comments [In Hebrew class, I said (in Hebrew), "I am not Jewish but I observe Yom Ha'Shoah because I have cerebral palsy, and in the Holocaust, the Nazis killed many men and women like me." The teacher was a little stunned. -- ?!]

    Some days...Collapse )

    Current Mood: blah
    Friday, March 28th, 2014
    4:14 pm
    The Rhetoric of LGBT Repression
    In 2007, Jim Burroway of the blog Box Turtle Bulletin went to an Exodus International ("ex-gay") conference, to see what it was about, and why people would attend such a thing. In Part 3 of the series, he writes about the specialised language of the "ex-gay" movement, which essentially distances homosexuality from the agent, and behaviour and/or identity from the self. (It's also particularly interesting when contrasted with the opinion of one of their speakers, Dr. Joseph Nicolisi, president of the National Association for Research and Treatment of Homosexuality, who, in part 2 of the series, Burroway quotes as claiming that at least male homosexuality is a "gender identity disorder," and about a person's sense of themselves.)

    Particularly interesting snippet from the post:
    Focus in the Family and Exodus have expended a great deal of resources to develop the phrases and the terminology they use. In doing so, they’ve crafted an entire language, complete with its own lexicon and syntax. For example, the terms they used for describing gay people were very different from yours or mine, and Mike Haley’s problem with “love the sin, hate the sinner” provides a glimpse into that difference. Their language is specially designed to treat people and their sexuality as if they were two completely separate entities, as if sexuality were a separate thing outside of the person. As Melissa Fryrear put it in a breakout session, they constantly work to “separate the ‘who’ from the ‘do’,” or, as others have put it more crudely in Mike Haley’s example, “the sinner” from “the sin”.

    and from the comments
    When someone says “change is possible, you don’t have to be gay” it requires you to rework what both change and gay mean. To most people gay = someone who is sexually, emotionally, and romantically attracted to members of their own sex. Therefore “change” would mean going from being 100% gay to 100% straight, that the attractions change through sheer will.

    In the bizarre world of ex-gay ministry they use the uncommon belief that gay is actually an identity, like republican, or class clown, and involves a set of common behaviors or habits. To give up that indentity, and behaviors, and instead embrace a different identity and attempt to form what are believed to be stereotypical straight habits the ex-gay industry says folks have “changed” even though the attractions never, ever, do. Every scientific study, even the Jones and Yarhouse admits that every single one of the “success” stories still experiences homosexual attractions.
    Your industry uses their very own definition of both “gay” and “change’ but NEVER EXPLAINS THIS NEW DEFINITION in any advertising or anything else released to the general public.

    ... It’s obvious, how many people would be motivated by “You don’t have to identify as gay, you can change the way you view yourself and restrict your actions!” Much like any snake oil salesman and used car dealer, what you’re not saying is way more important than what you are saying.

    Burroway also comments at length on how good Exodus and their fellow travellers are at maintaining message discipline and their particular idiolect (reminds me a little bit of the creationists' Wedge Document, and the list of loaded terms circulated in right-wing circles in the 1980s to enforce Republican frames, i.e. "tax burden," and so forth). As someone interested in rhetoric, I find this kind of cohesive linguistic strategy to be a clear marker of authoritarianism, which is essentially what this is all about. (You can't get anti-authoritarians to adhere to a standard language policy; it turns into a circular firing squad.) This is how it works:

    The State submits to God.
    Men submit to God and the State.
    Women submit to God, the State, and Men.
    Children submit to God, the State, Men, and Women.

    Think about that...
    Thursday, March 27th, 2014
    5:50 pm
    Scenes We'd Like to See (With Apologies to the Usual Gang of Idiots)
    I've been watching the commentary on the Hobby Lobby case in the US, which has got me thinking about a number of marvellous hypothetical counterfactuals -- to wit, counterfactual in part because modern American culture has definitely carved out specifically female sexuality as something exempt from normal medical and personal privacy, and definitely considers any decisions made on it collectively to be in the public realm, and particularly in men's domain. I'd note pointedly that nobody seems to be disputing or even discussing, really, insurance coverage of Viagra, penile implants, and other potentially controversial procedures which affect men specifically.

    So naturally, nothing I'm about to write would actually happen, in part because it doesn't concern female sexuality, and in part because it doesn't maintain Christian supremacy, which is another huge piece of what this is all about. (The other piece is pretty obviously "we hate the black guy in the White House.")

    So. A little reductio ad absurdum with our supper?

    Suppose there exists in some alternate universe, HypotheticalReligiousMe (HRM -- choice of initials not deliberate, but a nice touch nonetheless). HRM owns a business and is devoutly religious. And Jewish.Collapse )
    Sunday, March 23rd, 2014
    9:09 pm
    Crisis averted!
    The landpeople have decided to defer the Reno From Hell for now. Back to my regularly scheduled crises des nerfs.

    The kitchen floor is also about 99.5% done, with the inexplicable exception of missing quarter-round at the baseboards. It never ends.

    Current Mood: blah
    Friday, March 21st, 2014
    10:37 pm
    Quotes, FML Edition
    Trying to understand some peoples reasoning is like trying to smell the color 9.

    Hey! Don’t knock synæsthesia until you’ve tried it!
    -- Schlemizel and SiubhanDuinne, Balloon Juice, comments

    He's so dense he's got an event horizon, once clues cross it they're deformed and ripped apart until all evidence of their existence disappears.
    -- tigirismus, Alicublog, comments

    No system of inequality or injustice in history has worked solely through individuals choosing to be cruel – if it tried, it would fail. They work by making cruelty seem a necessity.
    -- StevenAttewell, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, comments

    I'm so white I can over-expose retinas.
    -- OldCrank VAGINA!!!, Raw Story, comments

    The future is always a frontier.
    -- YamaraTheGod, Raw Story, comments

    But Fred Phelps is dead and I am not, so there is that, I guess.Collapse )

    Current Mood: exhausted
    12:02 pm
    Never say "It could be worse..."
    We had another argument with the landpeople, who are now crying poverty and citing the fact that they (chose to) live out of town (they moved) as difficulties in doing the renovations, but we found out they are doing this through a contractor who lives in Ottawa (?!), a mere 8 or so hours' drive away.

    Not only that, but when I decided we should sanity-check the plans after we found a glaring mistake in one of the diagrams, we found either a blatant fire hazard, or something that's going to require basically redoing an entire wall.

    The landlady claims that the installation will take "2-3 days" to complete. She's like Bizarro Scotty, only worse.

    This is so good for my fibro!

    Current Mood: angry
    Tuesday, March 18th, 2014
    2:40 pm
    Sometimes I hate being right...
    Soooo... This is my life:

    I had been planning to basically DO NOTHING Saturday as I knew I was too tired and stressed out to cope, but my landpeople decided they wanted to come down Saturday morning to ostensibly redo the kitchen floor. My landlady claimed (she's sort of like Scotty in reverse) that they would have it all done that day.


    I decided that since they were kicking up dust, hammering, and running a power sander and things, I wasn't going to get any rest anyway, so got ready to leave and go to the gym to do yoga and swim, in an effort to feel better.

    Just before I left, Landlady was trying to cut the flooring with one of those wallpaper cutters that have the breakaway razor points, and was complaining that it was really hard and she wasn't strong enough. It was obvious she was really struggling (although, to be fair, I didn't realise she was actually using the wrong damn tool until I talked to Ed the Bus Driver later), so I gave her my three pairs of titanium-bladed shears that I use as kitchen scissors (you'd be amazed at how well a pair of titanium-bladed shears go through a chicken back), in sizes small, medium, and tinsnips, figuring that that would work better, and she could do gross cuts with the big ones, and fine cuts with the really small ones, etc. I told her about three times to be careful, and the last thing I said before I left for the gym was (literally, verbatim), "Goodbye! Be careful! Don't bleed!"

    ...apparently about 38 seconds (and ONE laid piece of flooring later), and without switching to my shears, Landlady cut herself, to the tune of a trip to the Urgent Care and FOUR stitches. *sigh* That's a lot of stitches these days, considering that mostly they don't stitch anymore... (She apparently did start using my shears -- after learning the hard way.)

    So now Chez Geek has a kitchen floor that is 1/4 lino and 3/4 bare floorboards or so...and they aren't coming back until next Saturday to finish it. Worse, Landlady has this idea that she's going to completely redo all the cabinets and everything, including putting a bunch where there never were any before. (Don't you usually replace the floor *after* that kind of thing?) Given that this person thought it'd be a good idea to make the bathtub look nicer by painting over it with water-based acrylic paint, I am neither optimistic nor overjoyed.

    I usually don't dish this stuff on LJ, but holy Moses, I have had it up to here and then some with this kind of stuff. Also, strange-coloured stuff is coming out my nose again, and my fibro has been off the charts for the last three days, fun wow. Send drugs.

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Monday, March 17th, 2014
    5:07 pm
    Quotes, Just Avoid Stress Edition
    The only way I’m getting in a helicopter (while conscious) is at gunpoint. My dear late father, who flew a great deal (fixed wing), including in WWII, despised them. He was not a wussy guy, and his view has colored mine.
    -- a hip hop artist from Idaho (fka Bella Q), Balloon Juice, comments [Pretty much me and my dad too. -- ?!]

    One of the weird things about the internet is how it's erased all the lines between cute and perverse.
    -- Spaghetti Lee, Alicublog, comments

    There is no moral, ethic or social right for a small group to expect to become obscenely rich at the expense of society as a whole - private wealth is validated by the social good produced in creating it.
    -- PhoenicianRomans, Raw Story, comments

    You know you’re sick as a child when you don’t even enjoy hearing the doc saying you shouldn’t go to school this week, because you’re just too tired to care.
    -- Irène Delse, Respectful Insolence, comments

    A recent study conducted by Wetherell, a real estate agent to the megarich, revealed that there are more servants working in the tony Mayfair section of London than there were 200 years ago. Ninety percent of the 4,500 residents who own houses, and 80 percent of apartment-dwellers have servants. Throughout the U.K., the demand for butlers doubled between 2010 and 2012.
    -- Lynn Stuart Parramore, “America’s New Servant Class,” AlterNet

    Verrah funneh.Collapse )

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    Thursday, March 13th, 2014
    11:53 am
    Lev she'natet bi Tahor hu...
    (Title adapted from a Jewish morning blessing, translation "The heart You have placed within me is pure," original is Neshama she'natet bi tahora hi, the soul You have placed within me is pure.)

    In vaguely local news, the ongoing saga of extra-fringey Jewish sect Lev Tahor continues, with some children being stopped in Trinidad while apparently fleeing to Guatemala (?!) and deported back to Canada, and B'nai Brith getting upset with them for wearing yellow stars on their clothing in protest of an ongoing investigation by Child Protective Services, following allegations that they are not educating, feeding, or bathing their children adequately, locking them in basements, and performing forced marriages on girls as young as fourteen. (Regarding the education claims, note that in the long backgrounder article from Ha'aretz further down, a woman who has a child and grandchildren in the group says she cannot talk to her own grandchildren because she does not speak Yiddish, and they don't speak Hebrew, English, or French. Helbrans himself speaks at least English and Hebrew.)

    I can certainly understand an ultra-ultra-Orthodox cult's hesitance about remaining in Quebec, as Quebec's Charter of Values statutes seem overtly antisemitic and anti-Muslim to me, especially since they haven't taken down the cross in the provincial Parliament chambers, and are defending it, as bigots always do, on "heritage" grounds. (There are still plenty of Haredim in Quebec.) That said, after my experiences with Old Order Mennonites and their walkaways in the Kitchener-Waterloo area (one of whom was basically almost literally sold into marriage at the age of fourteen), and given some of the background here (more in a moment), I'm very skeptical of dismissing all of this as just the authorities (in three countries*) being out to get these people.

    The leader of the group, Shlomo Helbrans, was convicted of kidnapping a Bar Mitzvah student he was tutoring, Shai Fhima Reuven. Other allegations of kidnapping of non-minors have surfaced in Israel, but since the people involved were not minors, the Israeli police could not do anything. (Lots of background on customs, community, allegations of beatings, and early marriage in this long article in Ha'aretz, with some disturbing interview quotes from Helbrans.)

    Case in point, a news report I heard on the radio said that two of the "minors in custody" were a seventeen year-old girl and her infant daughter. Although the age of consent to marriage in Ontario is sixteen with the consent of both parents, or eighteen without, I'm very seriously not cool with the implications of a seventeen year old girl with a baby in context, to be honest. Haredim as a general rule practice arranged marriages, and I don't really think I have to spell out the issues with consent and minor females in ultra-patriarchal, arranged marriage, insular communities, do I? For his part, Helbrans says (in the Ha'aretz article linked above), "Of course I support marriage at as early an age as possible. According to the halakha [Jewish religious law], if the two young people are ready, they can marry as early as age 13. If I could have, I would have married a number of couples at this age who I thought were ready. But this is against the law in Canada. Here the minimum age is 16 and we adhere to that. Meanwhile, there are also cases where couples are not ready even at this age."

    Further, since the federal government has been slow to move against FLDS colonists in Bountiful, BC -- those folks who have a penchant for forced polygamous marriages of minors, against Canadian law -- I tend to think this country privileges alleged "religious freedom" a bit too much against the interests of the women and children who usually wind up getting the short and filthy end of that long and dirty stick.

    In other words, I have reasons to believe this isn't just trumped-up we-hate-Jews stuff, and I think if Lev Tahor were as innocent as they claim to be, they wouldn't be showboating about being persecuted (and not for the first time), and they would be open to something as basic and fundamental as child-welfare checks. While I'm not a huge fan of "If you have nothing to hide, what are you worried about?" arguments, I am a huge fan of transparency, particularly in cases of alleged child or woman abuse, and especially where there's enough precedent to warrant close scrutiny.

    I'm honestly really wishing that someone would finally just throw the book at Helbrans and make it stick. As a Canadian and an admitted semitophile, I'm finding this case (happening as it is practically in my own side yard) kind of embarrassing. I'm okay with religious people being religious, but your right to be religious should never extend to abusing women and children, particularly in this country.

    * Canada, the US, and Israel

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    Monday, March 10th, 2014
    11:08 pm
    Ehe ehe ehe

    Current Mood: amused
    4:02 pm
    One of the (very) many joys of being able to work from home is being able to take a few minutes off in the middle of the day to, say, put a roast of beef on to cook. I poked holes in it with a knife the way my dad does, stuffed the holes with slivers of garlic, gave it a good sear on high heat with a tiny bit of olive oil, then put it on to simmer with water, onions, and a few good twists of black pepper. Yum yum.

    Note to self: Open the paper over the sink. Guess who doesn't buy butcher meat very often?

    Current Mood: anticipatory
    Sunday, March 9th, 2014
    12:44 pm
    So I went to Kingsmills yesterday to buy some keepsakes from the closeout (sad when a store in your town that predates Confederation decides to close for good!) and managed to score two new sports bras, among other things. One was intended to replace the black sports bra that has been missing since I got home from Hicksville the last time.

    Wouldn't you know, doing laundry last night, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but the errant black sports bra. Oh well, I at least cannot have too many sports bras.

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    Saturday, March 8th, 2014
    7:35 pm
    Quotes, People Tell Me I'm Crazy Edition
    I still say that the next big theme hotel in Vegas should be a 1960s Vegas themed hotel. A Disneyfied experience of staying in a mob owned hotel could go over big.
    -- MikeJ, Balloon Juice, comments

    Very unhappy with my factory-issue sinuses. Can I bore them out myself? What's the going price on big-bore sinus kits? Don't need 2-stage turbo or injectors, naturally aspirated sinuses would be fine.
    -- anton_p_nym, on Twitter [Given my CT scans, I'm not sure bore is the problem. Consult a hydrodynamicist? -- ?!]

    If every minimum wage worker - or even a sizable minority of them - in the country "did nothing" in the form of not showing up for work for a week or two, we'd stop hearing about how expendable they are as an excuse for not paying them. If everyone in the country (or even a sizable minority) had cancelled or refused to buy health insurance, we never would have had to fight to get the ACA, because crashing the market would have forced single payer. Bankrupting the insurers would have taken them out of the game. If everyone in the country who thinks Wal Mart is an evil empire stopped buying shit from them, they wouldn't control 20% of ALL. RETAIL. TRADE.
    -- JennOfArk, Alicublog, comments

    This plane had better do what it says on the tin, or you'll be reading about me in the morning papers.
    -- Bruce Dickinson, in "Flying Heavy Metal With Bruce Dickinson: Episode 4 - Safer Skies"

    "Follow your dreams!" - someone born into money
    -- Twitter user @13spencer, spotted on imgur

    More, of course, under the fold...Collapse )

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    Monday, March 3rd, 2014
    10:52 am
    I need the Brosh Improved Pain Scale to describe how much I hurt today. I have a release note to do, and I'm trying to herd cats technicians, and who knows what else. (My workload is often like silver Hunger Games parachutes -- I never quite know what's going to drop, and when.) *sigh*

    I think it's time for some drugs.

    In other news, do you suppose some big banks might possibly artificially inflate the price of gold and get away with it for years?

    Current Mood: grumpy
    Saturday, March 1st, 2014
    1:42 pm
    The inside of my head is a strange place
    I had a bunch of weird dreams last night, one of which involved getting ready to go somewhere from my grandma's house (including showering in her bathroom), with my whole family there, and a few of my friends as well. The house (which is not overly large) was pretty crowded. My grandpa was not, alas, in this dream.

    Then somehow I was dreaming that I was in the preparation stage for what sounded like a cross between certain game theory experiments and the Hunger Games, in that I was making tiny hamsa earrings as barter goods, but yet was also delighted to receive as a gift a necklace with an apple pendant that was full of poison.

    Still later, I had a dream that I was grocery shopping with Her Royal Kimness from work, at one of those old-timey A&P stores that had the roller system with the bins that slide along, so you don't have to carry your bags to the car; you can just drive up and a kindly attendant puts them in your trunk for you. Unfortunately, I discovered to my horror that when I turned the claim tags over to the attendant, they were illegible, so no one could figure out which bins were mine until it was too late, by which time someone had stolen half my groceries and put some of the rest into a dumpster. I went into the dumpster and retrieved a bag of apples and a bag of sweet potatoes. Why I was buying sweet potatoes (which I have eaten a mere handful of times in my life and don't like) was not adequately clear.

    Another section of the dream had me, blastedheath, goddessjenn and her husband, and Ed the Bus Driver all sitting around in a living room not unlike Jenn's (except in a different orientation), watching a thunderstorm out the big patio door.

    The fact that we watched The Black Hole together last night probably has nothing to do with this, although it does explain why I didn't understand the ending when I saw it in the theatre originally. (I had thought it was because I was a little kid and the ending was beyond me at the time; I now realise that the ending just doesn't make any fucking sense whatsoever. As I commented to the crowd at the time, "This would be amazing if I'd smoked a half a joint beforehand.")

    Current Mood: sore
    Wednesday, February 26th, 2014
    11:41 pm
    Okay, so it's not an art car
    Have an art airplane instead.

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